It is the fault of the foie gras

Foie Gras Pierre Champion II

The companion Roberta Carvalho says there are years that The World Is Strangeand Brazil seems to have a prominent place in this bizarre ranking of estrangement. Following the best practices of the ex-mayor of Rio Cesar Maia, the current mayor of São Paulo – Fernando Haddad – decided to create a factoide to try to take the focus off of the sea of mud, corruption and the crisis that takes account of the country approved the law that it prohibits the production and sale of foie gras in the city of São Paulo.

Foie Gras Pierre ChampionAs we all know, the foie gras it is a delicacy that is part of the basket of every brazilian, from the richest to the most humble, and this prohibition should cause a great impact in the eating habits of the population, and may generate rallies and large demonstrations for the account of the ban.

Haddad said (I heard) that studied the issue before deciding for the approval of the law. Good to know that the mayor of the richest city of the country prefers to spend his time with a fundamental question such as this than to waste time looking for solutions to the Healththe Public Transport or the Securityissues much less important.

Foie Gras Pierre Champion IIISome will say this text has political connotations, but, in fact, is only a vehicle to express my indignation. After all, I always remember the love of the store foie gras in the Rue Mouffetardthere in that ugly european city.

Long live the geese!

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