Erasmo Carlos – Vivo Rio – 24/5/2014

A night not to forget

ERASMO_foto_RICARDO-NUNES-9403The recent loss of a son, the live broadcast by the TV (closed) and the whole wave of solidarity and messages of affection that emanated from all sides were predicting a presentation full of emotion Tremendão Gigante Gentil Erasmo Carlosthat was the release of his new work (Gentle Giant) in Rio de Janeiro.

The Vivo Rio had a climate of solidarity and with their capacity almost full, mingled with famous fans and journalists famous (as you can see in several pictures), curious to see how it would be the Tremendão. With the obligation to comply with the time from TV, Erasmo and band – Luís Lopes (guitar and guitar), Pedro Dias (low), Rike Frainer (drummer), José Lourenço (keyboards), Billy Brandão and Roger Percy (guitars), in addition to the special participation of Ana de Oliveira (violin) – came on stage a little after 22h, sending just the song that gives name to the new disk, packed with guitars and weight. Early on in the first number it was possible to notice that the voice of the Giant – that's never been a singer of the first line – it was not a good day. This feeling was even less felt by the audience present at the Vivo Riobut the clear sound and the best mix of Multishow they have not given truce to the artist.

ERASMO_foto_RICARDO-NUNES-9411But if the Tremendão this was not a day of good voice, his band has shown that it is a machine more than olive oil. The vocals of the former (and still) Children of Judith (Louis and Peter) continue afinadíssimos and the guitars of Billy and Roger gave a what rock'n'roll even in the songs more " pop " from the repertoire of Erasmo.

The show

Speaking of Erasmohe continues showing the same lack of comfort on stage, a kind of Art Garfunkel brazilian rock. The repertoire, which included several songs from the new crop, had a structure quite close to one of the last presentations of the touring Rock'n'roll and Sex. Some songs missing made missing, such as The Only Son and Landscape Ecologicalbut the changes in the setlist kept the great level of the compositions, easy task for someone who has made a huge amount of songs that are stamped in the DNA of popular music. Woman (Weaker Sex), Pussy Artful, I want you to go All To Hell, Even If It Is I and Sitting on The Edge of the Pathare good examples of songs that everyone knows, loves and sings.

The new songs

ERASMO_foto_RICARDO-NUNES-9514If the new Gentle Giant does not have the force of the disk, Rock'n'roll, the new songs included in the show will not let the pike fall in no time. If the title track opens the show in high spirits, songs like 50 Shades of Color, Love in the Network and Feelings Complicated (unique partnership of Erasmo Caetano Veloso), show that the Tremendão still is a composer full hand, even after 50 years of career and more than 70 of age. An old man porreta!

Another highlight of the show, in addition to the repertoire, are the animations that illustrate the show. Nothing compared to what was seen with Marisa Montebut Erasmo was able to mesh melodies and harmonies with some cartoons from the first category and that only strengthens the performance of the artist.

A final full of emotion

ERASMO_foto_RICARDO-NUNES-9347The night went well, with everything within the script – the comments, the jokes, etc. – until near the end of the show, during the song It Is Necessary To Know How To Livethe inevitable happened: Erasmo collapsed in a crying more than understandable.

In the end, the hoedown ended up serving to exorcise the bad times lived in the last days and to leave expensive that the show must continue, and that Erasmus still has much to give to our music, mostly as a composer.

The citation to the child Gugu the letter Hoedown and the last words of the show made it clear that the night was special.

“Thank you all! Thank You, Gugu! Love you, fuck!!”

Thank you, Erasmus. Long and prosperous life!

Photos: Ricardo Nunes

Translated by Yandex.Translate and Global Translator


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