Spotify will prohibit (to the truth) the use of ad blockers

Application does not need to notify the free users that circumvent the advertising from the 1st of march

The Spotify promises to end with the party who runs away from the ads. The application — leader in the segment of streaming music — will forbid the official use of ad blockers for users of the free accounts. This change — announced on the 8th of February — will move in earnest on the first day of march. Right there.

Spotify endurece regras para usuários de contas grátis

By the new rules, work around, or block ads in Spotify Service, create or distribute tools designed to block ads in Spotify Service may result in termination or immediate suspension of the account.

As the Spotify lives of the advertising budget — the signatures they generate much less income — was not hard to imagine that something of the kind would happen. In march 2018 the service disabled 2 million accounts for this reason.

With the new rules, which come into force in march, Spotify earns the right to terminate the accounts immediately, without prompting the user.

Therefore, care. Very carefully!

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Travel tips: All aboard the Jose Cuervo Express Train

World Cuervo offers experience etílica watered the tequila inside of a train in Mexico

One of the brands of tequila, the most well-known in the world, the Jose Cuervo apparently tired of doing the lovers of the drink to travel only conotativamente. Went to the denotativamente “with strength”.

The brand of mexican tequila offers an experience of the train in which it is possible (and desirable!) drink, drink and drink tequila — the call all-you-can-drinkalso known as open bar.

The aim is that participants enjoy (or return shotswithout judgement), drink as much as they can in a luxury travel express from Guadalajara to Tequila, Mexico.

Must be the paradise

If you is one of my, must already be itching to book your ticket. Here goes: on the website TravelPiratesthe price of the tickets, the discount is with the value ranging between$ 111 and$ 132. The values are valid until December 2019.

This is for tequila unlimited, my people!!!

There are three package options: express, premium and premium plus. The price include the ride there and back, open bar (what really matters), a tasting expert, visit to the distillery Jose Cuervo and a cultural show mexican.

The distillery La Rojeña it is one of the oldest in the Americas. Produces the famous liqueur handcrafted in the company of tequila for over 250 years.

In addition to visiting the installation, there are other attractions, such as the Margaritas Bar and Plaza Juan Soriano — with a permanent exhibition of sculptures of one of the most important mexican artists of the century XX.

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Just add sunset and enjoy.

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And whoever has the luck of a liver strong after the train of tequila, you can embark on the wine train. The Napa Valley Wine Tours offers his own experience in California.

Let's look at the glass (shot) half-full here, ok? The three-hour drive through the wine region includes a dinner gourmet of the four dishes, tasting a Casa Dragones and a cocktail party unique.

Yesterday, a fantasy Beatle

The film's director, Danny Boyle takes the viewer to a world without the music of the Fab Four

Who ever imagined to be rich and famous? Who never thought of being an artist of international fame? Now, who would ever have thought to make success by creating and singing the songs of the Beatles?

Filme ainda não tem data para estrear no Brasil

Well, that is the premise of Yesterday — the new movie from director Oscar-winner, Danny Boyle (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Steve Jobs) — which hits theaters american in June.

In the plot, Jack Malik (played by Himesh Patel) is a musician loser who one day suffers a cycling accident and wakes up in a dimension where only he knows the songs of the Beatles. The result is fame, fortune, and reputation for genius.

Longa é cheio de participações

The trailers are great (especially international), and leaves the impression that it will be a great fun, until on account of the roadmap Richard Curtisresponsible for Simply Love and A Place Called Notting Hill.

See and have fun!


Paul McCartney announces mega box of your last disc

Egypt Station the Traveller's Edition will have only 3 thousand copies, and comes full of extras

Fans of the The Beatles and Paul McCartney who have suffered (and spent) to buy the recent releases of the artists, especially the rare box Wings Over Europe, can prepare for more expenses. Macca has just announced the Egypt Station the Traveller's Editionthat comes in a suitcase full of extras and that should cost many euros.

Second message sent to fans by e-mail and notices on social networks, the new release will bring extra tracks exclusive records live and much more. However, the full content and the price are still a mystery.

Até uma fita cassete está incluída na nova caixa
Price and full contents have not yet been disclosed

What we know so far is that the new release will be a double vinyl, other vinyl with three tracks and four records live taken from various presentations of Paul. A cassette tape of the album, audio high definition of all tracks, rare performances, hidden somewhere in the bag, a hand-written note by Paul (copy), stickers, letters written by hand by Paul. a puzzle of 500 pieces, lithographs, and more surprises that are not set.

Date? May 10.

Egypt Station
1. Opening Station
2. I Don't Know
3. Come On To Me
4. Happy With You
5. Who Cares
6. Fuh You
7. Confidante
8. People Want Peace
9. Hand In Hand
10. Dominoes
11. Back In Brazil
12. Do It Now
13. Caesar Rock
14. Despite Repeated Warnings
15. Station II
16. Hunt You Down/Naked/Clink

Egypt Station II
1. Frank Sinatra's Party
2. Sixty Second Street
3. Who Cares (Full Length)
4. Come On To Me (Live At Abbey Road Studios)
5. Fuh You (Live At The Cavern Club)
6. Confidante (Live At LIPA)
7. Who Cares (Live At Grand Central Station)

Also included:
1. Get Started
2. Nothing Is Free
3. Get Enough

Erasmo Carlos-far from the fame bad

Cinebiografia of Tremendão depicts a giant rocker kind

My Fame Bad, cinebiografia based on the book written by Erasmo Carlos and the journalist Leonardo Lichoteand that hits theaters this Thursday (14) drinks at the source of the recent Bohemian Rhapsody, which tells the story of Freddie Mercury, A Star is born and to come Rocket Manthat will tell the story of Elton John.

With debut scheduled for this Thursday (14), the film, directed by Lui Fariasthe son of Roberto Fariaswho directed the trilogy's historical trilogy of films starred by Roberto Carlos — Roberto Carlos and Diamond Pink (1968), Roberto Carlos in Rhythm of Adventure (1970) and Roberto Carlos 300 Km per Hour (1971) — follows a similar path with the films of the father.

In spite of trying to tell a real story, there is humor, fantasy, and some licenses poetic and storms that make the long more lightweight and less precise.

Filme entra em cartaz nesta quinta (14)

Good cast

If the characterization leaves much to be desired in comparison, primarily, with Bohemian Rhapsody, there is no denying that Chay Suede (Erasmo), Gabriel Leone (Roberto Carlos),
Malu Rodrigues (Wanderléa), Bruno de Lucca (Carlos Imperial), and Bianca Comparato (that interprets several female characters – Nara, Samara, Clara, Lara and Sara) do a good job.

It is worth mentioning the interpretations of Isabela Garcia (as a Diva, mother of Erasmus) Paula Toller (Candinha) and Vinicius Alexandre (who steals the scenes as Tião “Tim Maia.

O trio que comandava o programa Jovem Guarda

The cast is one of the strengths of the film, which suffers from a screenplay loose and that only goes up to the mid-70's, leaving out many stories and songs.

We do not see mention of the hits written by Roberto and Erasmo to the King or to the hits of the career of the Tremendão, as Woman, Landscape Ecological, The Only Son or The handle on the Lie.

Very nice

My Fame Bad may not even be considered a true biography, since it is focused on the story of the young Erasmus, since the times of poverty in the District, when it was petty theft with friends from the neighborhood, among them names such as Taio (Tim) Maia and Jorge Ben.

O Erasmo do cinema e o Erasmo da vida real

The Erasmus of the film is family, friend, full of insecurities and contradictions. A vision that made itself Erasmo ask the officer the reason it has been portrayed so nice. The reason? We do not know.

Even in the scenes in which the film portrays the success of the Young Guard — the movement music and the TV program is led by the trio of Roberto, Erasmo and Wanderléa — what you see is a man of integrity, passionate about rock and roll, and conscious of the quality of the music that it produced.

Original soundtrack

One of the strengths of the film is that the soundtrack is performed by the actors themselves, leaving aside the typically terrible voice acting of most of the productions of the genre.

The songs that come with the band that accompanies Erasmas on stage, are sharp and bring freshness to the successes of the early career of the Tremendão, of the King, and the cities of porto.

"Erasmo", "Roberto" e a banda do Tremendão

I Am Terrible, Pussy Artful, Black Cat, I stopped in the Opposite direction and the title track are extra special and does not disappoint in relation to the original records. Unfortunately, the phase the more adult composer is virtually ignored, with only a few songs being used as the soundtrack incidental, which leaves out a lot of the great crop of recent artist.

— I hear everything that appears on the internet, on TV or on the radio. Some times I hear and speak: “Good Music”, but then I'm already listening to something else. Is very group, lots of music, lots of information, lots of singers. This ends up confusing the minds of the people. Does not to follow and get to know everyone. Already gave that up long ago. When I want to listen to music, I listen to my old vinyl records of rock, basic bossa nova, etc.” — revealed Erasmus.

License poetic and abrupt end

Although only go up to the mid - ' 70s, the film uses the feature of transferring certain events to dates very different from the real, to accommodate these developments in a little more than 2 hours of duration. It is the case of the scene where Roberto shows the song Friend to Erasmus, who in the film takes place many years before that actually happened.

It is worth noting that the reasons that molded such a friendship are not much explored, one of the main defects of the roadmap.

The film ends with scenes recorded by the Tremendão and family in the intimacy. His passions — including the Vasco da Gama — appear in the records that illustrate the credits.

Recalling the last century

The reconstruction of the streets and buildings of Rio and São Paulo of the past century are very good, as well as the scenes of the file that show the two cities.

Even for those who have not lived this time the pictures should kindle the curiosity by the story of a time where everything seemed (and was) slower and more personal.

Chay Sued na pele do Gigante Gentil

The production had the concern to reconstruct with details a Brazil (Rio and Sao Paulo) from the late 60's, where the people and the music were more naive, and even the traffic was less fierce. This detail may not make a difference in the story, but it is very welcome in the final set of the work.

Guaranteed fun

My Reputation of Bad is fun. Should not win the Oscar or compete for the major awards, but serves as a document of one of the most important musical movements in the history of the country and part of the trajectory of one of the greatest composers of our time.

The images of Erasmo and Roberto in the pre-debut are to save for posterity.

Amigos de fé, irmãos camaradas
Roberto and Erasmo: popcorn and cinema

Quote: *** ½

Listen to the soundtrack of movie

Photos: Disclosure and Rogério Resende

A version of this text was published in the Revista Ambrosia.

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