Cinco marcas e 7 dicas para te ajudar a comprar uma adega climatizada

The five brands, and the 7 tips to help you buy a wine cellar

12/02/2019 0 For She Thomé

Make your wine always at the right temperature! We will help you buy a wine cellar of your size

Blog specializing in the wine, make for a blah blah blah bad at the time to guide you in the purchase of a wine fridge. What was the result? Confuse. And, to be silly, let's face it, is better to drink the wine, right?

The main claim for this reason, the acquisition of a small wine cellar, air-conditioned, is that true wine lovers to collect them. But here, dear friend, we are in the business to drink, and let Bacchus be proud of.

So, if your problem is space, and the adequacy of the temperature or just a little splurge to get the wave the sommelier in
a high-level, your problems are over. Because (we hope!) we will answer any of your questions.

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After all, it's a very good reason to purchase a wine cellar air-conditioned, low-capacity, four -, eight -, or 12 bottles) is one... want to drink her
a good wine at the right temperature!

To help you in choosing the right size, and know the available space to install a cellar, it is necessary to take account of the based on the
its consumption and the volume of the purchase.

the purchase of the monthly – monthly) x 12 months

With the result, take a moment and think beyond your immediate needs, and then look for a wine fridge with a capacity slightly greater than your consumption is normal.

What are the different types and styles of wine cellar?

Making a decision to buy, the truth is, your dream wine cellar, it is normal to be a little bit confused with so much choice on the market.

It is important, first and foremost, to get to know the main types, and models that are available, and know how to weigh up the cost/benefit is to buy
the one that best meet your needs.

Press the play to find out what they are.

Still in the process of choosing, there are seven key issues to be taken into consideration as well.
  • the alarm
  • warranty
  • lighting
  • the temperature
  • safety locks
  • cooling system
  • the capacity of the storage

We talk about the details of each and every one of them later on. This is because, if you've made it this far already, you want to know the answer to the next one

What is the best brand in the market?


7 items to consider in choosing for your wine cellar

Now you have a reason to buy your wine cellar, and you already know most of the brands on the market, the lack if it
to inform you of those details which we mentioned at the beginning of the love it.

Let's do it!

Take a look at our special wine cellars are air-conditioned and you will find the perfect fit for you


This should preferably be done at the wine cellars, which will inform you if anything is wrong with it. The door opened, and a part of the energy can become a major problem in the
the conservation of your wines. Select the one that has the audible alarm will sound.


The reputation of the manufacturer, its distributors and network of technical support (preferably in their city) should weigh heavily on your decision as well. In the case of an estate, you have a technical problem, it is crucial to
fix it fast — which, of course, at this point in your wine cellar you will be storing and protecting your treasures.

The hint of goldif the estate goes out of service, do not open the door. Leave it unopened until the technical assistance, reach up, and so are you
it will keep the inner temperature heated for a longer time.


The glass doors are not just a matter of beauty as well as to the wine cellar. The glass used is a special, and they protect the wine from harmful UV rays.
In the case of the lighting (some of the wineries, call in with the door opened), go for the wine cellars with a lamp that does not generate heat.


Choose from models with dials for temperature and programming buttons on the outside of the wine cellar. This is to avoid opening it unnecessarily hard to program for the conservation of the species.


The locks are to be made. In the background, their wine cellar is in a safe deposit box that is displayed. Some models that are customized, (BEHOLD!) gives you
reading biometrics of a fingerprint to open the door.


If you choose to go on a wine system, a compressor, make sure that you have a low vibration. To escape from the cellar with compressor
the normal refrigerators.

Identify the options for compressors, mufflers, and/or that you have protection against power outages — do not reset the unit to the each flash of light, and avoiding a knock back on the engine.

In the cellar they use a heat exchanger to bring the benefit of not rock, and not to make any noise. But it is important to highlight that this system is almost always designed for temperate climates, in which
the temperature did not exceed 25 degrees celsius.


For models with drawers and swing-provide a better access to the wines. It avoids to have to keep pulling out the bottles, and you run the risk of
damage to the labels. A tip for those who like variety, this is to check if the cellar has the space to accomodate burgundy, and
champagne, which is the most bojudos.

The shelves remoníveis it can be a nice escape for a time to gain height for the bottles to be in a special format.

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You already provided a lot of information, it is time to get your wine cellar. And, as we have not been satisfied with just a
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And don't forget it. Bought the hotel, to keep an eye on the temperature programmed. Not all of the beverages need to be stored under the
same terms and conditions.

Basically, red wines require a temperature of between 14 and 18 degrees celsius. The whites should be chilled at time of consumption. The
proper temperature for serving, it is 6ºC. The wines, the rosé and the red light should stay on, between 12ºC and 15ºC.

For the details, we will give you in the next one the post. Stay tuned!


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