Para quem ficou para trás

21/01/2013 0 Por Fernando de Oliveira

Esse tempinho chuvoso que paira sobre o Rio de Janeiro traz preguiça, vontade de ouvir canções mais calmas e de lembrar de esquecer de muita gente. Para todos os que se sentem assim, três belas canções com a ótima guitarra/dobro de Eric Clapton

rough-mixApril Fool

She said I’ll see you in the morning, darling
I see you when the kids have gone to school
But well I know tomorrow is your birthday
I know you know that you’re are an April Fool
We used to roam so freely. It’s been so long
I took my dreams to bed now where they belong
She said there’s dust and cobwebs on your north star
There no more fussing the campfires in your hair
I’ll see the wheels there rusted in the backyard
I know we’re not going anywhere
We used to roam so freely. It’s been so long
I took my dreams to bed now where they belong




i_wish_it_would_rain_downI wish it would rain down

You know I never meant to see you again
and I only passed by as a friend
All this time I stayed out of sight
I started wondering why

Now I, I wish it would rain down, down on me
Yes I wish it would rain, rain down on me now

You said you didn’t need me in your life
I guess you were right
Well I never meant to cause you no pain
But it looks like I did it again

Now I, I wish ….

Though your hurt is gone, mines hanging on, inside
And I know it’s eating me through every night and day
I’m just waiting on your sign

‘Cos I know, I know I never meant to cause you no pain
And I realize I let you down
But I know in my heart of heart of hearts
I know I’m never gonna hold you again





Old Love

I can feel your body
When I’m lying in bed
There’s too much confusion
Going around through my head

And it makes me so angry
To know that the flame still burns
Lord, why can’t I get over?
Man when will I ever learn?

Old love, leave me alone
Old love, just go on home

I can see your face
But I know that it ain´t real
Just an illusion
Caused by how I used to feel

And it’s making me so angry
I know that the flame will always burn (flame will always burn)
I ain’t never gonna get over
I know now that I’ll never learn (never learn)