The Flame Still Burns

24/02/2009 0 Por Fernando de Oliveira

Filmes sobre música e bandas de rock são sempre muito bons ou grandes bombas. Por sorte há muitos bons filmes por ai. Abaixo a letra e o vídeo de The Flame Still Burns, do filme Still Crazy (1998), que no Brasil se chama Ainda Muito Loucos. A canção também está no plalist do blog.

Vejam o filme e confiram a ótima atuação de Bill Nighy.

The Flame Still Burns – Strange Fruit

I live a life that’s surreal
Where all that I feel I am learning
Oh life, has been turned on the lathe
Reshaped with a flame that’s still burning
And in time, it’s all a sweet mystery
When you shake the tree of temptation
Yeah and I, I know the fear and the cost
Of a paradise lost in frustration

And the flame still burns
It’s there in my soul for that unfinished goal
And the flame still burns
From a glimmer of then
It lights up again in my life
In my life, yeah

I, I want my thoughts to be heard
The unspoken words of my wisdom
Today, as the light starts to flow
Tomorrow who knows who will listen
But my life has no language of love
No word from above is appearing
Oh the time, in time there’s a fire that’s stoked
With a reason of hope and believing

Keep rolling keep that flame still burning
Keep on rolling while the world keeps turning
Yeah, keep a’rolling
Yeah, keep a’rolling, yeah

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