As 10 melhores frases ‘insultantes’ de House (em inglês)

20/02/2009 5 Por Fernando de Oliveira

Do blog ‘Papo Série’, alimentado pelo companheiro Sergio Maggi.

Para comemorar o 100º episódio de House, que passa nesta segunda-feira nos EUA, o site elegeu as 10 frases que considera mais insultantes nas cinco temporadas do médico que amamos odiar. A lista está aí embaixo (em inglês).

house10. “I thought I’d get your theories, mock them, then embrace my own. The usual.” Season three, “Merry Little Christmas”

9. “Only way to confirm this, inject the rat with her blood and wait for it to get all botulistic on your ass. In the meantime, I’m going downstairs to browbeat a scared, dying teenage girl until she breaks down like a scared, dying teenage girl.” Season two, “Safe”

8. “I like you better now that you’re dying.” Season five, “Dying Changes Everything”

7. “If your life’s no more important than anyone else’s, sign your donor card and kill yourself.” Season five, “Last Resort”

6. Bill: “His name’s Joey. He’s my only brother.” House: “He’s important to you. Got it. No placebos for him. We’ll use real medicine.” Season, one, “Control”

houseandcuddy5. “I had a heart attack this morning. I can’t do any more drugs ‘til at least lunch.” Season four, “Wilson’s Heart”

4. “Could have just left the scarf at home and just told him you’d be wearing a look of desperation.” Season three, “Insensitive”

3. “Thirteen, go stick a needle in your girlfriend’s pelvis–and no, that one’s not a metaphor. Suck out some marrow. That one was.” Season five, “Lucky Thirteen”

2. “Thing is, hope’s for sissies.” Season four, “Living the Dream”

1. “Is it still illegal to perform an autopsy on a living person?”  Season two, “Autopsy”

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