Radio announcer, photojournalist, and newspaper reporter are in the top 10 of professions stressful

Then wonder why so many high pressures, and rates of smokers and alcoholics. The journalist is, by definition, nervous, and anxious most of the time).

Jornlista estressadoWork with the production of news can be a task detrimental to the nervous system, at least it is what signals the research promoted by the web site CareerCast, whose results were released this week. In the list of 10 professions more stressful for those who live in the United States, the target of the study, three are linked to the means of communication: radio announcer, photojournalist and newspaper reporter.

Among the functions of news reports mentioned, the less well evaluated is the radio announcer, who figure in the seventh position of the ranking. According to CareerCast, professionals of the area are charged for acting under the “public eye”. According to the organizers of the study, who works in the day-to-day in front of the microphones of a radio station has an average annual wage of$ 60.070,00. The rate of stress, the item that defines the positions, it is 50.30.

Two positions behind the role of radio announcer, a photojournalist has the level of stress scored in 49.22, with an annual salary average of$ 42.530,00. When talking of the sector, the team of the rankings highlighted the courage of anyone who deals with images. “Have you ever seen a photo of the breath taking in your newspaper or website and wondered how it was captured? Thank a photojournalist who risks her own safety to record the important moments in news and history, preserving them for ever.”

In the tenth placement of the lift set by CareerCast, a reporter of a newspaper has the average annual earnings 38,26% less than the salary of a radio announcer, receiving$ 37.090,00. The rate of stress is evaluated in 48.76. When speaking of the role, those responsible for the top 10 bets for professions that are stressful in 2015 called the attention precisely to the “low wages” of the area, in addition to the threat of being fired. “This is the daily life of a newspaper reporter, who does everything at the same time with deadlines demanding,” notes the research.

Jornlista estressado IICheck out below the complete list from CareerCast with the professions that are stressful:

10°- newspaper Reporter

9°- Photojournalist

8°- events Coordinator

7°- radio Announcer

6°- the Actor

5°- the Police

4°- Polito plane

3°- General military

2°- the Military enlisted

1°- Firefighter

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