União Européia tem nova regulamentação que pode pagar por voo de conexão atrasado

The European union has new regulations that you can afford to pay for a connecting flight late

18/09/2019 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

The values for all passengers are able to reach out to as much as$ 675. By the way, to make the application within Europe is much easier than entering a complaint in the brazilian courts. A good flight!

VooWho does charter flights to cities in the less central, or travel with the cheapest tickets — which typically include connection — must have already passed through the awkward situation of the delay and the loss of the flight.

When something like this happens, it is normally the brazilian can't wait to return to the country, to take any action against the carrier in charge. This is the room (don't get in the way of the road), but it is not always simple or effective.

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More of the rights

In Europe, you come in with a complaint and a request for refund due to a missed flight (due to delay or overbooking) it is a simple process. Come up with a complaint together with the company's (or its partner) or by any other company, such as Airhelp or Flightrightthat, in these cases, it charged me for the help.


But, it is essential that the passenger was able to board due to any fault of the company. Always keep that in mind.

In July, the european court has made a decision, that further extends the rights of passengers who have been injured. Not only for the companies, and the flights in Europe has a right to compensation. In other words, all of the connections are subject to the rules of a clearing.


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Up to a reasonable level

Passengers who miss their flights, you can borrow up to $675. There are a number of rules, the values are changed according to the length of the flight, going from US$ 280 to US$ 675.

Have more rights in Canada, too

While in the United States, the rules are less extensive (we'll talk about that in another post), the one in Canada seems to follow in the footsteps of the European Union. Right now, all the flights departing and arriving from Canada are required to provide some form of financial compensation in the event of the passenger not being able to fly. The compensation will also include loss of, or delay in n delivery to the station.

In addition, as of December 15th, the companies will also be required, at no additional cost, to help you under the age of 14 years, to find a seat close to a parent or guardian.



Of course, that the problem is related to the safety, security, and natural disaster or any other reason beyond the control of the companies that are out of this legislation.

The rules are to be applied to both domestic and international flights.


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