Spotify will prohibit (to the truth) the use of ad blockers

Application does not need to notify the free users that circumvent the advertising from the 1st of march

The Spotify promises to end with the party who runs away from the ads. The application — leader in the segment of streaming music — will forbid the official use of ad blockers for users of the free accounts. This change — announced on the 8th of February — will move in earnest on the first day of march. Right there.

Spotify endurece regras para usuários de contas grátis

By the new rules, work around, or block ads in Spotify Service, create or distribute tools designed to block ads in Spotify Service may result in termination or immediate suspension of the account.

As the Spotify lives of the advertising budget — the signatures they generate much less income — was not hard to imagine that something of the kind would happen. In march 2018 the service disabled 2 million accounts for this reason.

With the new rules, which come into force in march, Spotify earns the right to terminate the accounts immediately, without prompting the user.

Therefore, care. Very carefully!

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