Layoffs leave questions about the content companies online

BuzzFeed and HuffPost are among the companies that have made staff cuts

If the traditional companies in the production of content to struggle reinvented themselves and to be able to maintain their revenue, which appeared in “the digital age” and that, in theory, are more nimble and have lower costs, seem to have reached a crucial moment.

Empresa também fez cortes de pessoal

In the last few weeks sites such as BuzzFeed and HuffPost their ex-employees and even closed down the activities in some countries — such as Buzzfeed in Spain. In addition, they initiated partnerships with companies such as HBO and Netflix.

In the case of Buzzfeed is concerned. It is expected a reduction of up to 15% on your staff. A court that can claim something close to 250 jobs. All in the name of restructuring to keep the “long-term success” even getting a profit in 2017.

Cortes e encerramento das atividades na Espanha

By the way, new companies still use practices of the the old men of the presswho want to profit and always think of cutting staff to maintain their margins, rather than adapt their business departments.

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Of course, to compete with giants like Google and Facebook — which holds almost 50% of the total online advertising — is not easy, but the challenge has always been this: to fight against the great, no matter if you are a regional newspaper or an online portal.

Vários jornais ingleses parecem ter achado o caminho do dinheiro

There are cases of large newspapers that managed to make the transition to the new era and to earn money, most of them — The Financial Times, The Times and Guardian — the british. I don't know, but this seems to merit a more in-depth study of their strategies, isn't it?

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