Florença: um paraíso gastronômico para ser explorado

Florença: - a dining paradise for you to explore

14/01/2020 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

The most important city of the region of Tuscany, Florence is well-known for its beauty and for the cultural heritage and religious issues, but it is also a gastronomic centre of first row

Italy is an amazing country. Full of culture, natural beauty and a cuisine to do it for any one wanting to gain a lot. The best-known cities of Florence, is one of the most awe-inspiring.

Standing proudly in the heart of Tuscany, Florence is one of those places that make you think about changing and starting a new life.

After all, who could not admire the Duomo of the cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore, or the sculpture of “David” by Michelangelo, displayed at the Galleria dell'accademia, to name just two examples.



Eat it, eat it, and eat it

In this post we're going to talk about the culture, natural beauties and wine. We're going to talk about the food. Firstly, we need to know what is on the plate bears the signature of the city. bistecca alla Fiorentina.

Created by back to around 1550, and the plate consists of a piece of up against the steak, and filet mignon of veal-a sort of a T-Bone Steak), with about 1.5 kg, 5 6 cm thick.

The staging is done by placing the meat on the grill for about 5 minutes, and then finishing the cooking by placing the meat in an upright position, supported on the bone. During the training, it is filled with oil, black pepper, and the herbs to season it.

Don't get in problems

Try a bistecca alla Fiorentina, you may be in one of the dining experiences more enjoyable for your existence, but it can also be a huge disappointment, we've been through both experiences.

The first thing is to not fall into a trap is to choose where to order the dish. the first tip is: stay away from restaurants where the waiters stand on the street with virtually hunting for, the customer. Look for a restaurant that is very crowded or you can do a search on before.

An indication of the Blog's Feroli's restaurant Le Cappelle Medicee (Via del Canto dei Nelli, 30R). In addition to the one of the best bistecca alla Fiorentina in the city, the hotel is located close to the Basilica of San Lorenzo and the Galleria dell'accademia, and for being a great option for those who end up visiting some of the major attractions of the City.

Another advantage is that the customer base is not made up just for the tourists. Many of the italians are going to go there because of the quality of the food. The steak is not a dish that's cheap (costs between $ 44 and $ 44, depending on the application), but, as he's a giant, isn't any nonsense. Prove it with a nice chianti, and you'll never be the same again.


The most popular of all Italian dishes, it also stands out in the City. It's just a walk through some of the streets to find the pizza of all shapes and sizes.

To show that no truth is absolute, we will indicate to a pizza joint that is frequented mostly by tourists.

The Il GustaPizza (Via Maggio 46Ronly use the very best ingredients (fresh produce), and has a price that is attractive. For this reason, it is packed out almost infinitely go without any hurry or have to travel).

The menu is varied enough to please any palate. (see the menu in the image gallery at the end of the post). In being addicted to pizza, it is impossible to pinpoint a favorite. Go out with friends, ask for as many flavors as you can and find your favourites.

It is close to the Boboli gardens, another spot not to be missed.

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Folder, lots folder,

For the last tip, we have, of course, a trattoria (restaurant), the Fratelli Briganti. Unlike the GustaPizza the Fratelli Briganti (Piazza Giovanbattista Giorgini, 12/Ris frequented almost exclusively by residents of the city of Florence.

The spaghetti Pomodoro, a specialty of Fratelli Briganti

The place is so “clean” that you do not have a website (just a page on Facebook). They also take vacation in January of this year, and reopen on the 29th), so get in touch before you go.

Not the Briganti serves as the only the masses, but for their first choice, they can't be beat.

BANNER - perfil-de-viajante

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The menu changes a lot (depending on the ingredients of the season, but the Spaghetti Pomodoro or Spaghetti Briganti, made with garlic, basil, tomatoes, olive oil, and pecorino cheese. Either one of the two is a sure guarantee of a delicious meal.

The creaminess of the sauce, and the care with which the dishes are made to impress. Even the fried chicken from them is phenomenal, although it's hard to turn something so simple into a dish of delicious Italian.

Oh, and if you can, please ask any of capeletti, no matter what is in the sauce that is available (if you'd like, to taste, with vegetables, fried foods, especially if you're a fan of the artichoke).

Extra tip: The Fratelli Briganti open for lunch (12 noon-15: 30) and dinner (from 19). therefore, the set-up.

SUDDENLY, THE restaurant became well-known after he appeared on the cooking channel's closed. Even so, it still maintains its quality and loyal clientele for Italian food.

Let yourself be surprised

Go into a restaurant, a coffee shop, or even supermarket which does not have any information about them, which is always a risk. However, Florence is so beautiful that even a trip to the CITY can end up taking you to find the best (and biggest) mortadelas in the world.

So, go out and explore (with caution, but explore it). And, don't hesitate to ask for tips for those who are already gone. The Blog Feroli is here to help you if you want to use a script, custom tips for your trip, or to find the best prices for travel, insurance and many more.


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