O forró arretado de Mariana Aydar

Forró arretado de Mariana Aydar

01/05/2019 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

Vein in the north-east I, of the album by Mariana Aydar is divided into the following four EPs and a blend of tradition and modernity

It is always a good thing when the pace of the brazilian gets a new lease of life. The dance, which, in spite of the different trios elétricos (sound trucks spread out across the country, " he walked in a slow pace in terms of evolution, it gains a voice of its weight by Mariana Aydar.

The format is different

A former backing vocalist for Mercury, the são paulo-Mariana Aydar features of the project Vein In The North-East I. The album is being put together in a different way: they will be released four EPs, with three songs each, which will form the disk, with a new mini-documentary, also in four episodes.

In recent times, I've seen more as a consumer of music, and the way I listen to music that is very different from what it was a couple of years ago. Hardly ever hear an album as a whole. It is a process that is changing and we must adapt. This is why I think it's important to try out this new format and production release. Change is inevitable, and she's an artist.

The project, which is under the sponsorship of the nature of Music, it follows a logic of its own, altogether different from that used in an ordinary disk.

I'm doing it little by little. I've got the first two EPs available and I'm going to go back into the studio to record the other two. I'm finding it very crazy to make this record this way, but this is pretty cool — says the singer.

The four flavors of the dance of the Aydar

The idea is to release four EPs, it brings the ability to compartmentalize the music and weather. The first EP is already available on streaming platforms — it's lively and there is a kind of rock ' n ' roll.

My relationship with dance has always been the most subjective. I've always liked to add things to your taste. I think I taste a lot of energy-too much rock ' n ' roll. The common form of the dance is a power trio (zabumba, triangle and accordion), which produces a sound that messes with any of them. I want to open, and be able to mix these things up. Do my dance, " says Mariana.

The first song, the Vein in the north-east ('Mariana Aydar/Isabela Moraes), which is the name of the project, to begin in the most traditional, but it soon comes to the conclusion, the rest of the songs on the EP. The mix of the traditional and the modern, it may seem like a recipe the old, but the modern, here it really comes to the colors and sounds that are at a distance from what is heard normally.

If it Hangs, (Duani), it follows in the Vein, the north-east, it swings back and forth with a rhythm that makes even the most rock ' n ' roll death rock. With a footprint of xote, and a carbon footprint of the samba-enredo of the day today's fast-paced, and with a chorus, over and over again, very catchy.

In closing, Brazil's AND Mariana Aydar), the encounter with the muse, Elba Ramalho, also has a proposal for a swing at the skeleton. The result is not as good as the first two songs, but even so, it is far from being a failure.

Festivities for the view

The forthcoming EP, which will be released in June, has promised to be more traditional and less hectic.

All the EPs are such a mixture of things, but the second one is a little more traditional, because it's going to be a guy from St. John. I wanted to embrace more of a “drag walk” in a way that is a little more traditional, but in my own way, my dear. It with a songs — good Move.

For those who like the trios elétricos (sound trucks (and even for those who have root on the nose and we hear the first part of the Vein in the north-east-I.

The danger for the project of cultural

Here's a space for you to reflect on the changes in the (ex -) lei Rouanet (Rouanet Law. The cut on the roof of the financing, may place at risk a lot of great projects, such as Natura Musical.

If you want to limit the amount of funds for large companies and/or artists, and that is understandable, but to do so, there are already a set of rules, which only require to be complied with. To create new restrictions on the Crop seems like a shot in the foot for the future of our country. Education, Health care, and education are essential for any nation that wants to be a big, well developed, and rich (in every sense).

— We are concerned that, because of the art, in general, not just for the entertainment. I think it's a shame and a great loss to the Culture of brazil agrees to Aydar.

It is still too early to quantify the results of such a change, but it is clear that there will be a positive for the united states. A shame that, in the name of a “clean funding” of projects from the important and relevant outcomes incontestes to have a continuity of agenda.

Since its inception in 2005, the program invested us$ 132 million for the sponsorship of the 418 projects, including CDs, DVDs, shows, books, and collections in both digital and film. The works of art renewing the repertoire of the music of the country and are registered in the lists and awards in national and international conferences.

A version of this article was published in the Revista Ambrosia

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