‘Your mission, should you choose to accept it’

Tom Cruise returns to the big screen with a lot of humor and action

More than a franchise, “Mission Impossible – The Effect Of Fallout“ the big debut this weekend, is a film of returns. Sixth in the series, M:I, initiated in 1996, the film brings you back to the big screen the agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and staff of the MFI.

Along with them, the good guys, return of the leading characters — the villain Solomon Lane (Sean Harris), the spy badass british Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) and Julia (Michelle Monaghan). In addition Christopher McQuarrie (Mission Impossible – The Nation The Secret, 2015) in the direction and the script.

The fact that, until then, was unprecedented in the history of the franchise.

The argument Fallout is strongly connected to the previous film. This time, Hunt and his team must race against time to prevent the terrorist group the Apostles realized the attacks on the holy places.

For this, in addition to deal once more with Lane, he will have to work in partnership with the CIA agent August Walker (Henry Cavill) — and, obviously, his infamous and controversial mustache.

The plot becomes a sequence of quick decisions taken from the good character of the spy, that lead your team to dangerous situations and lots of action. All stitched by memories and dramas of choices old.

Punches, gunshots, explosions, and lots of jumps, and rush

Politically correct to highlight female characters strong — Angela Bassett, Rebecca Ferguson, Michelle Monaghan and Vanessa Kirby —, Effect Fallout it's so tense and fun. The jokes do not sound nothing forced, and sometimes and they are not made with words, but through the exchange of looks between the characters.

Scene of the sequence of the accident of the Cruise (Photo: Chiabella James/Disclosure)

Simon Pegg (Benji) and Ving Rhames (Luther), the extras in luxury, are flying in the scene. Give that sparkle to the situations surreal in that Hunt always involves during the missions, and the weight as the famous “luck” of the spy.

“I'm working on it” is the recurrent phrase in the long.

Gambling, including, that made the star Tom Cruise, which dispense with stuntmen, stay of the sauce for a few weeks during the filming. The scene of the accident is there. The decision to keep the sequence in the film was, without a doubt, acertadíssima.

It polishes to a spectacular sequence from the rush in a pursuit in the heights — that could be just a scene of action the case was closed with the moment where Tom Cruise (who is 56 years old!!!) break the ankle but keeps running to preserve the outlet.

Attention, even, is it necessary to get to the final sequence, with a chase helicopter. Tom Cruise learned to fly in a matter of a few months to do it. Not only ride, but to juggle in the air.

The Paramount came to disclose a making of about the scene, where Tom steers, she juggles, acts, and even operates the camera installed in the interior of the helicopter.

But as they say the villains of the film, “the greater the suffering, the greater the peace.”


Mission:Impossible – The Effect Of Fallout
(Mission:Impossible – Fallout)
Direction and screenplay: Christopher McQuarrie
Cast: Tom Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson, Henry
Cavill, Vanessa Kirby
Duration: 150min
Rating: 14 years

Quote: ****

NOTE: I want to drink the same water they drink the Tom Cruise and Angela Bassett; someone offers, please!

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