TV Globo, O Globo, Veja and UOL lead slices of advertising by the federal government

And look what they are the enemy! Where is the consistency from these people?


Journalist at UOL, Fernando Rodrigues decided to ask, through the Access to Information Law, data on investment of advertising by the federal government during the administration of the Workers ' Party (PT). The official figures of the Institute for Monitoring of the Advertising, provided by the Secretariat of Social Communication of the Presidency of the Republic, show that TV Globo, O Globo, Veja and UOL are leading the slices in the markets of television, newspaper, magazine and web site, respectively.

The figures show that, without counting the affiliates, the Globe and its five stations of their own (São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Brasília and Recife) were responsible for raising R$ 6.2 billion in advertising federal state for the past 12 years of the government Lula (2003-2010) and Dilma (2011 to 2014). According to UOL, by 2013, these values were corrected by the IGP-M index used in the market when the subject is advertising. The data of 2014 are current.

In total, says Rodrigues, governments petistas have invested R$ 13.9 billion in advertising for TV in that time period. This means that almost half of the value was allocated to the Group Globe, which broadcast state-owned commercial on TV broadcast. The Record was R$ 2 billion of funds in 12 years, against R$ 1.6 billion of the SBT and R$ 1 billion of the Band.

In the list of printed documents, newspapers earned$ 2.1 billion with the publication of the advertisements. UOL shows that, of the total, R$ 730 million was allocated to four publications: O Globo, Folha de S. Paulo, O Estado de S. Paulo and valor Econômico. During the governments of Lula and Dilma, The Globe had a turnover of R$ 213 million, against R$ 199 million of the Sheet, R$ 186 million from Estadão and R$ 130 million in Economic Value.

In magazines, See, weekly, Editora Abril, has won$ 370 million in governments Lula and Dilma, followed by the Season ($ 168 million), isto é (R$ 145 million), and Charter Capital (R$ 61 million). In the segment online, that is, currently, the second means that receives most state advertising of the federal government, the UOL leads the ranking with R$ 74.5 million. Then, Land (R$ 69.9 million), (R$ 69,8 million) and R7 (R$ 23.9 million).

The data were gathered by means of information of the IAP and includes the following public enterprises and mixed economy: the Bank of Brazil, Bank of Northeast, Banespa, Basa, BEA, Besc, BNDES, BR Petrobrás, Caixa, Centro Cultural BB, Post office, Liquigas, Foundation BB, Nossa Caixa, Petrobras and Transpetro. To access the full data, click here.

Source: Communicate

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