Google announces their next big project: manufacturing robots

I RobotIt is no surprise to anyone that Google hosts several scientific projects (and mysterious) in its headquarters in the city of Mountain View, California. Inside the building there is the so-called Laboratories X, a space where the company makes tests of all types with various technologies that are still unexplored by man, including even the prototype of a teleportation system. It was there that came out the first prototype of Google Glass, the glasses of augmented reality that they come to the market in the coming year.

Now, the laboratories of the Google work in more of a gigantic plan and ambitious: to manufacture robots. In an interview to The newspaper The New York Times, the engineer Andy Rubin, creator of Android os, revealed details about the next big project of the north american company, which plans to create a new generation of machines robotic.

But before you imagine yourself with a cyborg doing the household chores inside your house, know that the idea is not to, in a first moment, for consumers. The goal is to embed the robots in industry and the economy to extend the automation process in different sectors of the market, such as mounting of electronic services and delivery of products.

The group of robotics of Google will be in Palo Alto, and you will also have an office in Japan, where experts and developers will help in the improvement of the project. “We need to consider time as a key factor,” said Rubin. He believes that the first robots created by the company shall be released ten years from now.

June 2013 until now, Google has acquired seven technology companies directly linked to the development of robots. The own Andy Rubin bought secretly a series of start-ups in robotics and artificial intelligence in the United States and Japan, which only highlights the efforts of the search giant in investing in the sector. Fact is that Rubin seems to have been the right choice to take care of the project of the Google bots: in addition to Android, he has worked as a manufacturing engineer at Apple and as an engineer of robotics at Carl Zeiss.

Rubin says he's excited about the new project and is convinced that it will be a reality accessible to the market. “The cars without driver, were the stuff of science fiction when they started its development in 2009, but are now coming within the reach of all. This is the best job in the world. You start to think about what you would like to build for yourself,” he said.

Larry Page, one of the founders of Google, also commented on the initiative on his page on Google+. “I'm excited with the next project of Andy Rubin. His last big bet, Android, started as a crazy idea that ended up becoming a supercomputer in the pocket of millions of people. Can't wait to see the progress,” he said.

Source: Channel Tech

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