Hill, but bring people together

It took three days, but finally put the first sentence in the air. The question was cruel (many are phrases), but not enough to get by another that it had not been this. After all, hill, but bring people together it is the oldest of my ‘original’ and it means a lot to anyone who knows me for a long time.

I don't remember if it is a derivation of an old phrase, much used by the Agildo Ribeiro (I want to also but I will tell everyone) or if comes from the English (going down in flames). What is certain is that she is perfect!

Perfect for reminding others that there is always a glass roof that can be broken, that it's good to think before you attack and that the life turns. It is also perfect for us to remember that there's no point if you struggle too much when there is no one interested in seeing this.

Always keep with you some trump card, some defect of others, any good idea ignored. Thus, at the time of the fall, you die, but brings people together.

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  1. Feroli,
    I'm coming to the conclusion q vc is great, but doesn't take me along, okay?!

  2. I was always genial. I only know how to pretend that I am an idiot very well!

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