The most valuable brands in Brazil

By the way the love of the brazilian beer remains unbeatable. For the sixth consecutive year, Skol is the most valuable brand in Brazil. In addition to it, Brahma, Antarctica and Bohemia are also among the first ten.

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The Skol, of Ambev, is the most valuable brand in Brazil for the sixth consecutive time, according to the ranking BrandZ Brazil, conducted 12 years ago by the Kantar and WPP. The beer was valued at US$ 8.2 billion (1% increase).

Bradesco remained in second place, with an increase of 58% in value, now at$ 7 billion. Itaú has gained a position, and appeared in third (US$ 6.1 billion, up 42%). Brahma, Globe, Antarctica, Bohemia, Healthy, Ypê, and Natura will be closing the list of the first ten. The Sound was the only of them losing value (see table below).

“The sum of the most valuable brands grew by almost 23%, which means that in moments of crisis recovery, the most valuable brands grew more than the market, that is, strong brands add more value to the recovery from the crisis and recover faster than the market average,” says Eduardo Tomiya, CEO of Kantar Consulting for Latin America.

The study combines financial data from Bloomberg and Kantar Millward Brown consumer reviews. In the process of data collection, the experts of Kantar observed the five pillars that help to increase the value of the tags: purpose, well-defined, innovation, good communication, brand experience, and kindness (to be a love brand). “These five factors have been validated after 12 years of BrandZ. We were able to quantify this impact through our statistical analysis”, points Tomiya.

This year, distinguished themselves in these the pillars of Natura (purpose), Globe (innovation and brand experience), Itaú (communication) and Skol (love the brand). Already the Hawaiian, with a growth of 156% (gained 23 positions and is now the 31st), Magazine Luiza, 133% (advanced 12 positions up to the 27th), the Bank of Brazil, 127% (passed from the 53rd position to the 38th), and Arezzo, 101% (from 59th to 45th) were the brands most valued. Bradesco was another brand that demonstrated the recovery of the banks.

“Brands that take risks in the process of construction of mark managed to be quite successful. In the ranking of the 10 most valuable, one of the biggest highlights are the banks, which have recovered quite a lot, focusing on a clear positioning in this moment of crisis, as well as the Hawaiian, which was the brand that has grown most,” says the CEO of Kantar Consulting for Latin America.

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