Brazilians accept lower salaries

Queues in feirões of jobs in the whole of Brazil and the population is increasingly concerned about losing their sources of income. With this scenario, is that someone is going to get swapping salary? The entrepreneurs will thank you.

Fila de empregosAccording to a research made by Catho — platform jobs via the internet, around 80% of the brazilian professionals would accept a new job with a salary lower than that paid in the previous job.

The study also indicated that prospects for professional development and promotions were negatively impacted by the current economic scenario, where about 50% of the respondents reported not to have any expectations about a possible career move at the time.

About the levels of satisfaction with the current job, 67% of respondents reported being unhappy or very happy. Of these, 90% stated they would change their jobs if they had received a new proposal. In addition, 80% of participants said they believed that there was a reduction of wages in their areas in recent months. All were interviewed about six thousand professionals via the internet.

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