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Take That, and The Fireman: the Two disks to be a good start to the year

In spite of a busy week with shootings, murders, and the bus set on fire by the city, it still left a little bit of time to write about all the new jobs in the Take That (ex)-a group of ex-star Robbie Williamsand the The Fireman a group of over Paul McCartney the world Youth). The Circus and Electric Arguments, are, respectively, the two pearls, the pop of the highest quality, the ones that leave you with the hope that the music is able to get out of the slump and of the dictatorship of the muses being a teen and features of the environment.

Criticism, full at the A Mixture Of Interactive (Fireman) and in the Day (Take That).


Macca's turn to lay a fire in the house

electricargumentsPaul McCarney you have a blood vessel. [citation needed] From time-to-time, it runs the risk of any release in the field (usually without much success, or too much wind). The group, which he created with producer YouthThe Fireman is the journey more often, although it may take a decade to release something new, and Who cares IF it's a new spell, quake rulez!) and we still don't have the time to get in the stores, in brazil, the album Electric Arguments (it's still going to win a critical, decent) it's just amazing, and it comes with some of the best songs of the Macca in the last few days.

Take some time listened to the first two songs of the playlist the F(r)ases, to see the video of Sing the Changes and The Highway and say if I'm wrong.

Sing the Changes

The Highway

Listen to the song to F(r)ases da Vida