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Tips for the trip: All aboard the Jose Cuervo Express Train

The world, Us, offers experience in etílica a lot of the tequila inside of a subway train in Mexico

One of the brands of tequila, the most well-known in the world, and the Jose Cuervo apparently, he got tired of doing all the lovers of the drink to travel just a conotativamente. Went to the denotativamente “the force”.

A brand of mexican tequila, provides an experience of the train to which it is possible (and desirable!) drink it, drink it, and drink the tequila — the so-called the all-you-can-drinkalso known as open house.

The goal is for the participants to experience (or to return shotswithout a trial) to drink as much as you can in a luxury travel express from Guadalajara to Tequila, Mexico.

You must be in heaven

If you are in the mine, you'll be itching to book your ticket. Here it is: on the site TravelPiratesthe price of the tickets, at a discount, with the amount varying between$ 111 and$ 132. The prices are in effect until December 2019 at the latest.

This is the tequila that is unlimited, my people!!!

There are three package options: express, premium and premium plus. The price includes the ride there and back, open house (what really matters), together with the experts, a tour of the distillery, Jose Cuervo, and a cultural show in mexico.

The car La Rojeña it is one of the oldest in the Americas. It produces the famous liqueur handcrafted in the company of tequila for more than 250 years ago.

In addition to touring the facility, there are many other attractions, such as the Margarita Bar and Plaza, Juan Soriano with a permanent exhibition of sculptures by one of the most important mexican artists of the twentieth XX.

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Just add the sunset, and enjoy.

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And to those of you who have the luck of the liver is strong then on the train for the tequila, you can embark on the wine train. The Napa Valley Wine Tours it offers its own experience, California has to offer.

We're going to look at the coffee cup (shotthe means to be full of it here, ok?" The three-hour drive through the wine region and includes a dining gourmet the four-course tasting for one Casa Dragones and it's a cocktail that is unique.


Women buy most of the tickets

According to a survey conducted by agência ViajaNet, participation by women is 64 per cent. You know what that means?

According to a survey released by the agency ViajaNetthe women who are responsible for the 64% all sales of tickets in Brazil.

This number represents an increase of two percentage points compared to the previous year.

Of course, this number needs to be in relative terms, as the purchase of tickets can be made to any other person or for the whole family.

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So, in answer to the question from the top, it doesn't mean nothing.

Travel tips: V the Types of plugs around the world

You may feel that you are ready for the trip – tickets bought, hotels booked, tours planned, travel insurance, confirmed, etc. etc. but you are right? You know if you'll be able to charge your electronic devices?

Different shots

Probably you have asked yourself the question as to why Brazil is to adopt a type of plug that exists there. This choice, which seems to favour only the domestic manufacturers, has helped only to further complicate the lives of business and leisure travellers.

Pretty much every country that uses it is a kind of decision on their own and, even if there is a willingness of the representatives of the hotels all around the globe, it is not always enough to live on without an adapter of their own.


Click it and then look on the adapter, follow these steps

In spite of the cheap adapters, they are one of the accessories are a must-have for a trip to the outside world. Imagine you arrive in Italy and find out that there is no way to charge your cell phone or video camera. It is not good at all.


However, the the invention the new decision to the brazilian, it was also the most confusing, and most likely, you will need to bring an adaptor for the new type of brazilian for any other existing preference for the two-prong or two-blade/pin-flat) and buy an adapter for the plugs in the country you're in, and preferably also in the airport or in any of the radio shack.

It's really hard and it is worth researching the subject before you go.

The below examples taken from around the world.

The other bizus

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Changes are also in charge of the Group in April

The owner of some of the biggest headlines in the national press, April also seems to be suffering from “the modern world”

Recently, I spoke to the the closing of the branch "carioca" from the magazine global finance. Right now, I'm talking about the change in command of the The Group's Aprilhave given birth to such titles as Here, The Four-Wheel Drive, Travel and Tourism and Superinteressanteamong many, many others.

Giancarlo Civita, the son of Roberto Civita, chairman and editorial chairman of the group for a few decades – it is in the control of the company, passing the baton to Mark Haaland, managing partner of the consulting firm Alvarez & Marsal.

A lot of changes

The change would not be in the exceptional case that the new chef would have experience in some industry that is not in the agribusiness, food, and oil. To make matters worse, this is the third change at the helm of the company this year before Haaland you were in the command, Arnaldo Figueiredo, Tibyriça, (specialist, legal affairs), Walter Long (line) and Giancarlo Civita symbol.

To finish off, the April he has changed the address, and plays an important role as part of a new phase in the restructuring of operations.

By the way, there is a certain difficulty in finding a new direction for one of the publishing groups most important in the country.