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These English are Wonderful, and their Research Methods, XXIV – of The most expensive cities in the world to live in

A little while ago I published a survey showing which of the international cities which are preferred by the brazilians. In the current scenario of the us dollar and the major currencies (the euro and the british pound), the choice of a destination you will come to the question of the economy. If it is a city that is considered to be expensive in which to live for its own sites, you imagine the cost to us

A survey by the british magazine The Economist shows the ranking of cities with the most expensive and the cheapest place to live in the world. I was surprised at the placement of the cities (which I consider to be a very expensive one). São Paulo appears on the 77ª position, and the one in Rio de Janeiro, in a strange, 82. The places, the more expensive they are dominated by Asia and Europe, while the cheaper ones are broken.

The questions

To arrive at this ranking, the publication has analyzed the 150 items, as the cost of food, drink, housing, transportation, health care, entertainment, transportation, education, shopping, grocery store, and even the price of cigarettes. The research is extensive, and you understand all of the aspects, however, for a long time. So....

Singapore is the most expensive

If there has been a change in the rank, and she passed away in the 1st place. For the fifth time in a row, Singapore was ranked the most expensive city in the world. The city is the most expensive way to transport and shopping in the grocery store. In new York city and Los Angeles were the most expensive in the United States by the 13th and 14th places, respectively), and the very before the of London, england (30), for example.

So, when it comes to choosing a travel destination, exchange, or even a place to live far away in Brazil, it is worth to take a look at this ranking.

The cheapest

I'd like to tell you more about the most expensive, but I don't think that is in Damascus (Syria) or Caracas (Venezuela) will be able to attract a lot of attention at the moment, mainly due to the terrible time when the social, economic, by which all the countries in which they are located become.

The ranking list


These English are Wonderful, and his Research Flying the v – senior citizens who have dogs and walk for 23 minutes

The English are not among those people who like pets, but it's pretty obvious that they wouldn't be able to stop to do a survey on the habits of the patrons of the event. They have come to the conclusion that the elderly people who have pets – or in the case of dog – walking to 23 minutes longer than those who do not.

In order to prove the theory, researchers in england have placed the monitors of the physical activity by 86 people over 65 years of age and collected data from the routine for them for about three weeks. Results: the elderly people who had pet dogs were given each day, with an average of 2.762 more steps than those who have not lived together with their animals, and to have spent 23 minutes on the hiking trails. 

The figures represent an increase of between 20% and 30% of the level of daily physical activity for these people. It's not bad for those who have more than 65 years of age.

Well, I think I'm going to be an old sedentary. After all, cats don't like to hike with their owners.

These English are Wonderful, and Their Research Methods-CENTURY – the Internet, the transmitted light reaches a record-breaking speed of 224 Gbps


Researchers at the University of Oxford in England, and they would be able to reach a speed, bi-directional connection is one of the most beautiful of 224 Gbps, technology is not a very conventional one – light fidelity, or Li-Fi, which transmits the signal from the internet, for the waves of light.

The measured value for a record, a standard that was called the “just” is 10.5 gbit / sec in the experiments of the foregoing) will be sufficient to convey, in a single second, for 18 movies of 1.5 GB. And the speed is not even comparable to the medium of internet from any country. The highest is in South Korea, but even there, the amount is “insignificant” to 24 Mbps.

The technology of the transmission of the signal light is still in its early stages, and it is far away from being able to be used on a commercial basis, but it has been in development since 2011, at least, when the Consortium the Li-Fi has been set up. It has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional, free Wi-Fi, and if it is matched to a wired connection faster, could lead to speeds much higher than the maximum of 600 Mbps of the wireless connections of the kind at present.

While it is the standard “competitive” is based on the circuitry of a radio, the method again uses the waves of light, far infra-red and visible LED lights to send the signal to the internet. This means that his field of “expertise” is very noticeable, and limited – something that is all the more concerned with the safety and security of the network can be enhanced.

In the case of the connection used in the test, the link was operated at a threshold of 3 meters for the 224-Gb/s (6 x 37.4 Gb/s) and 112 Gb/s (3 x 37.4 Gbp/s) field-of-view (FOV) of 60 ° and 36, respectively,” according to a summary of the research. The study, by the way, he served as the first demonstration of a wireless link of the type with a FOV that could actually cover the room.

The fact that out of the bulbs also means that your internet signal could be carried to almost any place, lighting is by LED. “We have the infrastructure here,” he said in a presentation at TED, the founder of the idea of Li-Fi, and Harold and She, as well, told IBTimes. “All you need to do is to place one chip in the whole of the lighting fixture, and it would combine two basic features: a light and transmission of data over the air.”

Source: Info On April

These English are Wonderful, and Their Research is Flying around the TWENTIETH century: the Bacon is not the villain, against the health of the heart

This is a story that could also come into the series, “Bacon is Life”. It is now to go to the grocery store and buy a small piece of some 3 kg.

Bacon faz bemA new study published on the british website heart an Open Heart (to the editor, British Medical Journal) is a controversial warning to all the medical advice against the consumption of saturated fat, they need to be made. During the past year, that test, including in Brazil, are beginning to wake up to attention to the argument that saturated fat is not the major cause of the ills of heart disease.

The article says that the previous warnings were based on faulty data and evidence is “very limited”. According to the first alert, the humans could not consume more than 30g of saturated fat a day and women should limit to 20g. But the experts of the Open Heart of today reject all these warnings, it started to be aired in the 1980's.

BaconButter, lard, cakes, muffins, pies, whole milk, bacon, cheese, and chocolates to go in a new shopping cart supported by the Open Heart. The experts argue, is that the sugar, carbs and processed foods is that they contribute the same to the diseases of the heart. Therefore, we recommend to avoid the same it is white rice, sugar beets (not to be found naturally in the fruit), French toast, and processed foods in general.

In the BMJ, the editor of the British Medical Journal, has partnered with the Ministry of Health of Brazil, since November 2012, when it launched a web tool to aid in the diagnosis.

More on bacon's life and:

The wife is 105 years old, says the secret to a long life is bacon

Source: The Journal Of Extra 


These English are Wonderful, and their Research Methods-CENTURY – to Have a TV in the bedroom, improve your sex life

For the women, they are in the room – except for when they want to watch a movie in French or, to prevent that you have to pay attention at the round table, a daily about the game-but, according to the british, to have a Tv in the bedroom, it increases the rate at which couples (English I) do have sex.

Around here, it isn't of help to the australian taxation office.

Actually, they are pretty much strangers.

Sexo com TVYou have a TV in the bedroom, it can even disturb your sleep, but, according to a british research, cited by the “Daily Mail”, you may also give up on their relationship.

For those who have a TV in the bedroom have sex, on average, twice as much as those who do not. (Buy now!)

The first question asked was, “do You have a TV in your room?”. Of this total, 74% answered "yes".

After that, the participants were asked to say how often, on average, they had sex.

Here, the researchers found that the results are gathered, and came to this brilliant conclusion: to those of you who have no TV, have sex, on an average, twice a week. Those of you who don't have one, just one time, on average.

All of the respondents who said that they had a TELEVISION, were asked whether they thought that the presence of television has led to a sex life that is healthier and often: 67 percent said " yes."

On the "why", and they mentioned to watch erotic films together (37%) and to have sex without losing any of their favourite programmes (32 per cent). HI? Nearly half, 47 percent, said they had had sexual intercourse watching tv. These brits have no problems.

“Technology is becoming an essential part of daily life, and it's much more common to have a TV in the room is that you don't have to. Even if it is better for your health to use your bedroom as a place to sleep, and in the living room to watch TV, it seems that the addition of a plasma could spice things up under the sheets,” said a spokesman for the VoucherCodesPro.co.,uk, the company responsible for the survey.

Let's try it!


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