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Spotify is going to prohibit it (for real), the use of ad blockers

The application does not need to notify the users are free to circumvent the advertising on the 1st of march

The Spotify he promises to end the party, the one who runs away from the ads. The application is a leader in the segment of streaming music is going to ban the official use of ad blockers for users of the accounts are free of charge. This change — announced on the 8th of February, it will go hard on the first day of march each year. Right there."

Spotify endurece regras para usuários de contas grátis

Under the new rules, work around, or to block advertisements on the Spotify Service, and to create or distribute tools designed to block ads in Spotify, a Service may result in the termination of, or the immediate suspension of your account.

As it is living from the money of the advertising, the subscriptions they generate much less income — it wasn't hard to imagine that something like that would happen. In march, 2018 with the service and disabled the 2-million-accounts for this very reason.

Under the new rules, which go into effect in march, it will have the right to terminate accounts immediately without notice to the user.

So, be careful. Very carefully!

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Tips on a Trip to XI: to Protect yourself from the thieves in the aircraft

It may seem strange, but this is an issue that is beginning to be often seen in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia

Many of the travelers from around the world have heard of the dangers of leaving your belongings out of your sight in an airport, and even at the boarding gate. The thieves are acting haphazardly, whether in New Delhi and in Paris, the City of Cape town, Sao Paulo and New York. What many people do not expect is that the thieves the inside of the aircraft!

Nenhum cuidado é pouco dentro dos aviões

- To our horror — the passenger of the economic classes — the bad news is that both of these the gang they act to exactly where the passengers with the least money to travel. The reason for this? They are many in number. There are more people, more kids, more business, more distraction, and more opportunities for you.

They take advantage of the number of hours of sleep, and the coming and going of the people, and even from the time of the meal, to violate the property of others.

Only a few

It may seem strange to you that it is almost impossible to find any history on this type of event, but this is because they are most often dealt with (and hidden) by the airlines in the same way as other complaints about problems with the flights, such as delays, loss of baggage, or the entertainment system broke.

In addition, as the majority of the people, by the time you discover that something is missing when I walked out of the airport, and many do not give the complaint, in doing so, that the stats are a little more reliable.

Take care of your stuff

In order to avoid being a victim of these thieves fly you need to take care of it, because this is fashion, it won't take long to get there.

Believe me, the majority of these thieves act on the international flights, and in the medium and long term, and you're only going to find out what has happened when it is too late, again.

A few caveats:

  • I always try to keep your personal belongings in the compartment above or just in front of your seat. Never leave all your stuff in one place behind you.
  • Do not travel with the jewels and objects of great worth;
  • Always keep your documents with you wherever you go, as well as on your smart phone and any medications that you may need to make on a regular basis;
  • Avoid carrying large amounts of cash, and, in case you need it, you never let it out of your sight-body;
  • Do not place credit cards in the outside pockets of backpacks, or purses in hand.
  • Whenever possible, use the lock or you can purchase bags with locks;
  • You put your bags in the compartments, with the zippers and the clasps on the side facing the inside (rear) of the roof;
  • Store laptops and valuables inside a carry-on, and in a location that makes it difficult for the pickup (in the middle of the clothes or other items;
  • If you buy something at the duty free on the plane and never to allow any crew member to take the credit card away from you.

The danger is unexpected

The most frightening of the, that you know that you can steal it of your stuff on the plane, to know that there have been cases in which members of the crew, they were such thieves and robbers.

After all, they will have access to the parts of the aircraft in which the passenger does not have and is much easier to fiddle with the overhead bins without feeding any of the suspects..

It is true that only a small fraction of the employees of the airlines are so devious, but there's good and bad in everyone, and an opportunity may be just too tempting to be ignored.

Therefore, it does not give the chance to the chance. Do not give them a chance to make your trip to be ruined by such an event, even if you have a super safe and secure. The headache is not worth it.

Take care!

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The resignations leave no doubt about the business of online content

BuzzFeed and HuffPost are among the companies that have made staff cuts

If the traditional companies in the production of the content that they struggle to reinvented themselves, and to be able to maintain its revenues, which have appeared in “thethe digital age” and that, in theory, they are more nimble and have lower costs, they seem to have come to a turning point.

Empresa também fez cortes de pessoal

In the last few weeks on web sites such as BuzzFeed and Different their ex-employees and even closed down their activities in some countries, such as the Buzzfeed team in Spain. In addition, they initiated partnerships with companies such as HBO and Netflix.

In the case of Buzzfeed does. It is expected that a reduction of up to 15% of the workforce. A court that can claim something close to 250 jobs. All in the name of restructuring, to maintain thethe long-term success” even getting a profit by the year 2017.

Cortes e encerramento das atividades na Espanha

By the way, the new firms can use to practice the old men of the presswho want to profit and always think of the cutting of the staff to maintain their margins, rather than to adapt and adjust to their trading desks.

De novo: Salvação dos jornais brasileiros está no digital?

Of course, to compete with the giants such as Google and Facebook — which owns more than 50 percent of the total online advertising is not easy, but the challenge has always been that the fight against the big ones, it doesn't matter if you're a local newspaper or an online portal.

Vários jornais ingleses parecem ter achado o caminho do dinheiro

There have been cases in the major newspapers, they were able to make the transition to the new era and to gain money, the majority of them The Financial Times, The Times and The Guardian — English-speaking people. I don't know, but it seems to merit a more in-depth study of the strategies, isn't it?

With the information from the Medium & Message

The book brings back the Monkees at the top of the pop-rock band

A biography of the guitarist, Peter, He deconstructs the myths about the Monkees and their music

The 60's were a time of change, the cultural revolution, wars, and myths. In music, we have seen the rise of the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, The Who, and... the Monkees.

O livro recoloca a carreira dos Monkees no seu devido lugar

It can cause a sense of strangeness to a lot of people to add to this list by a band that is now remembered for having been made, and don't play their own instruments.

However, these statements are some of the myths mentioned in the previous paragraph, and which are desconstruídos in the book Love is Understanding – of The Life and times of Peter Tork and the Monkeesthe biography of Sergio Farias was launched by the publisher of the Portuguese-Chiado Books.

A little bit of history

Before I talk about the book itself, it's worth a little back in history in order to understand the phenomenon of the Monkees, which he did with the band in 1967, in the United States of america) to sell more recordings than the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones put together.

Jimi Hendrix was a musician for the opening of the touring band. Can you imagine?

In 1966, the Beatles were already the biggest musical phenomenon of the Earth. The invasion of the british bands took hold of the charts in the us and a counter attack approach.
One of the ideas that came up was the creation of a TV program, which mixed music with sign language for the young.

Thus, producers Bob Rafelson and Bert Schneider placed an ad in a magazine looking for “the musicians in the folk and rock music) to interpret four of the boys, no holds barred, in a new TV series”. In this way, however, the Monkees — Micky Dolenz, Davy Jones, Peter Tork and Michael Nesmith.

The series has been a cutting-edge design, produced by young film-makers, has american TV, and is one of the cornerstones of the New World. Even the film's Head-it's iconic, even if it is the screenplay, written by Jack Nicholson, " says Sergio.

The foolish scholar

The choice of Peter Tork, who has just turned 67 years old, and that the serious was the court jester, it has been shown acertadíssima, as the player is in (in-person) in the picture, the story, the richest of the four Monkees, and the only one without a bio posted so far.

Tork - Um filho da era Flower Power

Peter was raised in the best musician in the band, as he played seven instruments, he had a background in classical music. In addition to this, he had his life more interesting. He lost everything, been arrested, struggled with alcohol and drugs, he explains, the starting.

This is the truth, the life of Peter, He has been on a roller coaster ride, going from young millionaire, successful musician and was invited to play in the first, a solo project of beatle George Harrison, an almost unheard of, and playing in the bars, the poor, and the parks are losing money to the internal Revenue service and was arrested for possession of drugs.

In the story, He is a typical case, and that is a lot of the stars of the 60's and 70's who have not figured out how to keep the after-peak-of-fame. With a wide range of projects that failed to take off, and a style of life incompatible with that of the disposable income.

Livre das drogas e sem dívidas com a Receita Federal

Today, the music is clean of drugs, he recovered a part of the heritage, and is to concerts solo, with the band of the blues and, where appropriate, with the other monkees live (Davy Jones died in 2012), you can be sure that the road was not an easy one.

A series about a rock band?

The legend is that the Monkees were just actors and they interpreted this as the musicians in a rock band that was established and maintained, in large part, by the members of the band. In fact, it was the musicians and it had been his experience in the music business.

—We've all had some experience with this. Alice had produced a series of TV shows when I was a kid (Circus Boy), Mike, had already released a few singles, Davy was a part of the piece is Oliver, and he had even appeared on the " Ed Sullivan on the same day as the Beatles: rock band, and Peter has already participated in several bands, due to the author.

Today, they are admired by the superstars of rock music, such as the U2.

The musicians of x-Musicians

One of the major cultural differences between the british and the americans happened in relation to the musicians used in the recording process.

While in England, they were the very musicians who played the instruments on the recordings and in the United States, the most common practice was to hire studio musicians to do this on the basis of one of the songs.

So we came up with the famous group of talent called the Wrecking Crew (The class of the Demolition and that it was responsible for almost all of the successes recorded in the country, including the brilliant Pet Soundsof the Beach Boys).

No auge da fama, em meados da década de 1960

In this group, were names such as Larry Knechtel, Leon Russell, David Gates, bass guitarist Carol Kaye and Glen Campbell.

So, to say that the Monkees were made because they did not play their instruments on the disk (s) is/was an argument to be the weakest. Or is it The Mamas & the Papas, the Byrds and the Beach Boys, and they made one?

This was the rule in the United States, and it is not easy to understand the reason for so much excitement when it was announced that the Monkees did not play their instruments on the recording sessions.

Friendly fire

Unfortunately, a large part of the prejudice against the Monkees was created by the actual members of the band. To a mixture of ego, lack of companionship, and very little intellect, Mike, Davy, Micky and Peter, and they gave (and is giving) ammunition to his critics.

Were they the ones responsible for everything bad that has happened to the band and its reputation. Especially in this silly is the fact that do not play their own instruments, adds Sergio.

The time of the peak of the band's constant bickering and the neglect on the part of the media and the public is due, in large part, to the failure of the four Monkees.

O autor e os três Monkees vivos: Peter, Mike e Micky

Friendly fire seems to be going on today. Micky Dolenz, for instance, is not to repeat that, “the call of the Monkees, a band that is the same as saying that Leonard Nimoy became Mr, Spock”.

The composers of the first

Anyone who belittles the legacy of the band should know that the majority of his hits have been written by a constellation of stars of the world-renowned and respected all over the world.

After all, what can be said of such names as Carole King, Harry Nilsson, David Gates, Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart, Neil Diamond, Jerry Leiber, and Mike Stoller, or Neil Sedaka?

The choice of the time of composers, he was one of the reasons for the band to sell many records. They were not the only rostinhos beautiful. Their albums were quality, so that there will be detractors who will, most likely, never to be listened to with attention.

A series of hits in the

There is no escape from the songs that came on in the history of pop, such as "Last Train to Clarksville, Pleasant Valley Sunday, Goin’ Down, Daydream Believer the theme of the series (Theme from) The Monkees.

Although it's just a combination of He enters the hall of the great hits of the band For Pete's Sake the musician has always been considered to be the greatest potential, in spite of his limited ability as a singer. Unfortunately, his career never really took off.


Another fact that is little known to the public, is that you Peter He's ever been, and even did shows in Brazil, which is something the Monkees never did. That was in 2003, when it played twice in Sao Paulo. There has not been a great rebounding and passing through our country, it is remembered fondly by critics and fans alike.

Document history

Love is Understanding – of The Life and times of Peter Tork and the Monkees it is a record of a time when life was simpler, love was free, and the talents that seem to appear in any place, and in amazing amounts.

The story of Peter, He is engaging, eye-opening, and is delivered in text, light, descriptive, and humorous. For a great read.

Quote: **** ½

The service

Love is Understanding – of The Life and times of Peter Tork and the Monkees

Number of pages: 396
Price: Us$ 9 (e-book) and$ 52 (physical edition)
The Link for custom orders

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Yesterday, a fantasy to Help

The film's director, Danny Boyle takes the viewer to a world without the music of the Fab Four

Who ever thought you'd get rich and famous? Anyone who has ever thought of being an artist of international fame? Now, who would ever have thought to be successful by creating and singing the songs of the Beatles?

Filme ainda não tem data para estrear no Brasil

Well, that's the whole premise of the Yesterday — the new film from the director of the academy award-winning, Danny Boyle (Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and Steve Jobs— which hits theaters american in June of that year.

In the story, Jack, United Kingdom (as interpreted by the Himesh Patelis a musical failure, that one day, he suffers an accident on a bike, and wakes up in a dimension where only he knows all the songs on the album. The result of that is fame, fortune, and a reputation as a genius.

Longa é cheio de participações

The trailers are amazing (especially international), and gives the impression that it's going to be great fun-even by the script Richard Curtisresponsible for the Book Of Love and A Place Called Notting Hill.

Watch and have fun with it!