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Tips for the trip: All aboard the Jose Cuervo Express Train

The world, Us, offers experience in etílica a lot of the tequila inside of a subway train in Mexico

One of the brands of tequila, the most well-known in the world, and the Jose Cuervo apparently, he got tired of doing all the lovers of the drink to travel just a conotativamente. Went to the denotativamente “the force”.

A brand of mexican tequila, provides an experience of the train to which it is possible (and desirable!) drink it, drink it, and drink the tequila — the so-called the all-you-can-drinkalso known as open house.

The goal is for the participants to experience (or to return shotswithout a trial) to drink as much as you can in a luxury travel express from Guadalajara to Tequila, Mexico.

You must be in heaven

If you are in the mine, you'll be itching to book your ticket. Here it is: on the site TravelPiratesthe price of the tickets, at a discount, with the amount varying between$ 111 and$ 132. The prices are in effect until December 2019 at the latest.

This is the tequila that is unlimited, my people!!!

There are three package options: express, premium and premium plus. The price includes the ride there and back, open house (what really matters), together with the experts, a tour of the distillery, Jose Cuervo, and a cultural show in mexico.

The car La Rojeña it is one of the oldest in the Americas. It produces the famous liqueur handcrafted in the company of tequila for more than 250 years ago.

In addition to touring the facility, there are many other attractions, such as the Margarita Bar and Plaza, Juan Soriano with a permanent exhibition of sculptures by one of the most important mexican artists of the twentieth XX.

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Just add the sunset, and enjoy.

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And to those of you who have the luck of the liver is strong then on the train for the tequila, you can embark on the wine train. The Napa Valley Wine Tours it offers its own experience, California has to offer.

We're going to look at the coffee cup (shotthe means to be full of it here, ok?" The three-hour drive through the wine region and includes a dining gourmet the four-course tasting for one Casa Dragones and it's a cocktail that is unique.


The five brands, and the 7 tips to help you buy a wine cellar

Make your wine always at the right temperature! We will help you buy a wine cellar of your size

Blog specializing in the wine, make for a blah blah blah bad at the time to guide you in the purchase of a wine fridge. What was the result? Confuse. And, to be silly, let's face it, is better to drink the wine, right?

The main claim for this reason, the acquisition of a small wine cellar, air-conditioned, is that true wine lovers to collect them. But here, dear friend, we are in the business to drink, and let Bacchus be proud of.

So, if your problem is space, and the adequacy of the temperature or just a little splurge to get the wave the sommelier in
a high-level, your problems are over. Because (we hope!) we will answer any of your questions.

. How and why to keep a (good) wine, Part ii
. More articles on wine

After all, it's a very good reason to purchase a wine cellar air-conditioned, low-capacity, four -, eight -, or 12 bottles) is one... want to drink her
a good wine at the right temperature!

To help you in choosing the right size, and know the available space to install a cellar, it is necessary to take account of the based on the
its consumption and the volume of the purchase.

the purchase of the monthly – monthly) x 12 months

With the result, take a moment and think beyond your immediate needs, and then look for a wine fridge with a capacity slightly greater than your consumption is normal.

What are the different types and styles of wine cellar?

Making a decision to buy, the truth is, your dream wine cellar, it is normal to be a little bit confused with so much choice on the market.

It is important, first and foremost, to get to know the main types, and models that are available, and know how to weigh up the cost/benefit is to buy
the one that best meet your needs.

Press the play to find out what they are.

Still in the process of choosing, there are seven key issues to be taken into consideration as well.

  • the alarm
  • warranty
  • lighting
  • the temperature
  • safety locks
  • cooling system
  • the capacity of the storage

We talk about the details of each and every one of them later on. This is because, if you've made it this far already, you want to know the answer to the next one

What is the best brand in the market?

7 items to consider in choosing for your wine cellar

Now you have a reason to buy your wine cellar, and you already know most of the brands on the market, the lack if it
to inform you of those details which we mentioned at the beginning of the love it.

Let's do it!


This should preferably be done at the wine cellars, which will inform you if anything is wrong with it. The door opened, and a part of the energy can become a major problem in the
the conservation of your wines. Select the one that has the audible alarm will sound.


The reputation of the manufacturer, its distributors and network of technical support (preferably in their city) should weigh heavily on your decision as well. In the case of an estate, you have a technical problem, it is crucial to
fix it fast — which, of course, at this point in your wine cellar you will be storing and protecting your treasures.

The hint of goldif the estate goes out of service, do not open the door. Leave it unopened until the technical assistance, reach up, and so are you
it will keep the inner temperature heated for a longer time.


The glass doors are not just a matter of beauty as well as to the wine cellar. The glass used is a special, and they protect the wine from harmful UV rays.
In the case of the lighting (some of the wineries, call in with the door opened), go for the wine cellars with a lamp that does not generate heat.


Choose from models with dials for temperature and programming buttons on the outside of the wine cellar. This is to avoid opening it unnecessarily hard to program for the conservation of the species.


The locks are to be made. In the background, their wine cellar is in a safe deposit box that is displayed. Some models that are customized, (BEHOLD!) gives you
reading biometrics of a fingerprint to open the door.


If you choose to go on a wine system, a compressor, make sure that you have a low vibration. To escape from the cellar with compressor
the normal refrigerators.

Identify the options for compressors, mufflers, and/or that you have protection against power outages — do not reset the unit to the each flash of light, and avoiding a knock back on the engine.

In the cellar they use a heat exchanger to bring the benefit of not rock, and not to make any noise. But it is important to highlight that this system is almost always designed for temperate climates, in which
the temperature did not exceed 25 degrees celsius.


For models with drawers and swing-provide a better access to the wines. It avoids to have to keep pulling out the bottles, and you run the risk of
damage to the labels. A tip for those who like variety, this is to check if the cellar has the space to accomodate burgundy, and
champagne, which is the most bojudos.

The shelves remoníveis it can be a nice escape for a time to gain height for the bottles to be in a special format.

Check out the selection of the wine cellars, air-conditioned, in the ‘magazineblogdoferoli’

You already provided a lot of information, it is time to get your wine cellar. And, as we have not been satisfied with just a
build on these tips, here, you also did some in-depth research and we have built a PARTICULAR store – the wine Cellars are air-conditioned in the
shop magazineblogdoferoli!

Check it out now on our list of all the products that you are just one click away from your shopping!

And don't forget it. Bought the hotel, to keep an eye on the temperature programmed. Not all of the beverages need to be stored under the
same terms and conditions.

Basically, red wines require a temperature of between 14 and 18 degrees celsius. The whites should be chilled at time of consumption. The
proper temperature for serving, it is 6ºC. The wines, the rosé and the red light should stay on, between 12ºC and 15ºC.

For the details, we will give you in the next one the post. Stay tuned!


‘Aladdin’ has a new teaser trailer that carries Will Smith in blue!

Live-action classic from Disney, released in theaters on may 24

Finally got out for a bit Aladdin it shows Will Smith as blue as the Genie of the Lamp.

The film arrives in theaters on may 24, 2019. The direction of the Guy Ritchie.

Marwan Kenzari you will be the villain, Jafar, Naomi Scott it is This, Recommends Massound this is Aladdin and the Will Smiththe Genie of the Lamp.

Confira ótimos livros sobre cinema

The cast also includes Navid Negahban (The Sultan), Nasim Pedrad (Again), Billy Magnussen (A), and Numan Acar (Hakim).


Check out all the major releases in 2019 in the movie

We worked out a schedule with releases, 2019, (with the trailer) so you don't miss out on the big debut on the big screen!

In the year 2019, it will be exciting for fans of the third art. Moving on from the nostalgia of the the hypeby the end of this year, there will be a inifinidade of possibilities in cinema.

In the course of the year, they will be more than 80 titles. Including some that are very much to be expected, as the Captain Marvel which pre-sale tickets are now available. Some of the old favorites, such as Dumbo, Alladin and The Lion King. And, of course, the long-awaited live-action the national Monica Ties.

Don't want to miss out on anything? Check out the schedule provided for 2019 and has a choice of their favorite movies.

Please check out the calendar and don't miss out on the biggest debut in 2019 at the latest at the cinema


“Dear boy,”
“The beast”

“The two queens”
“My reputation bad
“The Light of my life.”
“Alita: Angel of Combat.”


“The Rhythm section”
“Tears of laughter”
“The secret sauce”
“The guards – The movie”
“They pop”
“The way home”


“Low tide”


“Captain Marvel”


“The supreme”
“An unexpected love”
“The professor and the madman”
“The park of dreams.”


“We -”
“Hotel In Mumbai”
“The judgement.”


“The Greyhound”



“Cemetery of the damned”


“The legs of the pro air, 3 in




“Upcoming – Deadline”
“Where d you go, Bernadette?”
“The return of the Ben


Under the silver lake


“Detective Pikachu”
“The Boss level”


“Film Holliúdy 2 – whip the deep”
“Allan Kardec”

“John-Wick – Chapter three”


“Ad astra”


“Godzilla – king of the monsters”
“Mid 90's”


“Love takes work”

“The X-Men And The Phoenix-Black


“Men in black 4”


“Toy Story 4”


“Turma da Mônica – Links”
“Presidents-elect training seminar – The secret lives of animals”and 2"
“The Angel has fallen”


“Spider-man: Away-from-home


“The parças 2”


“The Lion King”


“The new mutants”
“Hobbs, & Shaw,”


“Artemis Fowl”


“Once upon a time in Hollywood”


“Dora The explorer”


“It's Your thing 2”


“Downton Abbey”
A “spy " an animal”


“Highly dangerous”


“Angry Birds 2”
“The joker”
“The woman in the window”


“Eduardo and Monica”


“You are my friend”
“The goldfinch”


“Charlie's angels”


“Gal Costa”


“Sonic the hedgehog”
“Zombieland 2”
“Kingsman 3”


“The detectives of the Blue Building 3”


“Star Wars: Episode IX'


“My mother is a piece of 3”
“Frozen 2”

So... Which movies are you most looking forward to watch it.

Listen to ‘DNA’ here is the new album by the Backstreet Boys

We pay for 12 songs, and we already have a favorite; tell us where it is up to you!

It's finally here! After six years, the Backstreet Boys-The they are back with their album, DNAreleased on Friday, the 25th.

The new the boy band the american board, pop, romance, and moments of dancing.

Can you have an idea on what they bring to the 12 tracks that will satisfy fans longing — in - link article.

We have checked and we do have a favorite: Passionate!

Hear it!

The launch scheduled

With the arrival of the new album, the tenth in the career of the 25-years old, he was a very well-programmed. At the end of last year, a a single the band "Don't go breaking my heart it was released in the streaming.

Chanceswith Shawn Mendes and Ryan Tedder among the writers, had a clip that was released last year, in the month of November.

Check here below!

To promote the new album, the band plans to perform with the band in over 20 years.

The concerts are to begin in may 2019 at the latest, after the end of the home of the “boys” on the Las Vegas strip, according to the information in the Charts.