‘Vingança’: americanos também serão barrados na Europa

‘Revenge’: the americans are also barred in Europe

28/06/2020 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

The poor conduct of the battle for the new coronavirus has not brought harm only to the brazilians. Americans are also barred from several countries in Europe when it is re-opened

Americanos barrados

If the mis-tracking of the pandemic, the new coronavirus has been bringing losses to the brazilians, who are banned from entering the United States, and bound are similar in the various countries of Europe, it would be likely that similar penalties would be applied to travelers from other countries.

This is exactly what the countries of the European Union, have, in relation to the nationals of many countries, including the united states. This “bus” will be started just now, on the 1st of July.


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On this date (July 1) will mark the opening of the borders (closed since the 17th of march. In addition to the brazilians and the americans and the russians will not be able to go to Europe.

However, tourists from countries such as Algeria, Australia, austria, Canada, Japan, Montenegro, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, Serbia, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, turkey, Uruguay, Andorra, San Marino, Monaco and Vatican city, are free.

The situation of the chinese people is not yet finally determined, and the list of the countries “liberated” you can still change it.

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Open borders in the eu

From the first day to the 15th of June, that the borders are wide open to Europe. However, there is no restriction in travelling to europe, the USA, and soon to be in the opposite direction. It may seem like a vendetta (maybe it is), but it is, in fact, it is a measure that is more than is needed.

It is, of course, that there are countries in the various stages of the battle of the COVID-19, but this opening up of the borders is something that is unavoidable. It remains only to find out if it was done right on time.

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We still have a long way to go in the fight against the virus, and the way things are going, Brazil and the brazilians also suffer a lot because of the bad practices in the battle for the new coronavirus.

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