Guitarrista angolano lança álbum de blues com participações de Flora Purim e Airto Moreira

The guitarist of angola launches the album of the blues, featuring guest appearances by Flora Purim and Airto Moreira.

25/06/2020 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

“Angola Blues,” by Nuno Mindelis, it brings together songs that were part of the early life of the artist, who was born in Cabinda, and was created in Huambo and Luanda

Angola Blues

It is not unusual to hear of a “drive in blues” done by an artist of international law. However, Angola's Blues, it's one of those albums that is an experience more than pleasant. We can even argue about “Angola Blues” is a true hard disk to the blues, but the guitar, which permeates the whole of the album is, without a doubt.

She (the guitar), it's even more sharp in this work. The music of african ancestry of the Blues and all of its derivatives, " explains Mindelis.

Angola is a country blues with a tropical

The album's theme is the songs that have been part of the childhood of the lead guitarist, who was born in Cabinda, and was created in Huambo and in Luanda, angola, which he left at the age of 17.

Singing in both Portuguese and Kimbundu (one of the dialects of the angolans), “Angola Blues” is a mix full of rhythm. There's even a great version of “país Tropical” (with no car, a guitar or a football team), which closes the disc in fine style.

My musical heroes include artists, locals who were playing on the radio at the time, when I was engatinhava in violõezinhos of a can of olive oil that I made with fishing wire and used it as a rope, says Nuno.


Accompanied by a Dhieego Andrade (drums), Marcos Klis (bass), Alex Bessa (keyboards), and Ilker Ezaki (percussion) and Jessica Sand (vocals), Nuno Mindelis (guitar and voice) walks through delightful songs, which go far beyond the appearances of Flora Purim and Airto Moreira.

Angola Blues

Beads african


The one that draws the most attention to are the songs of survivors of the african continent as a Mudiakime, Archived, and Birim Birim. It is not that the other tracks are not that good, but these are the gems in african countries to bring the listener to a brazilian, a kind of tradition and novelty, it is not easy to come by.

The mixture of the rhythms of african, brazilian, and blues, this is a very well-made. The recipe is not the ordinary, but the taste is great.

It's worth listening to!!

Quote: *** ½

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