Chile lança protocolos para reabertura do Turismo do país

Chile launches the protocols for the re-opening of Tourism in the country

24/06/2020 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

In the first stage, the actions of the Government of Chile will be targeting the hotels and restaurants. In the second stage, they will be posted to the protocols of health and safety to ski resorts, wineries, and other services

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It's going to take a while for the “normal” output, but the countries are now preparing for the return of the Tourism industry. One of those who have said that it will be absolutely necessary in order to win back the trust and confidence of the people is republic of Chile.

The country has announced that it has launched a number of new protocols for the re-opening of the Tour in the next few months. In the first place, the measures aiming at the hotels and restaurants.

There are no plans for it, and in a second stage, the new protocols will be defined for services that are more specific, such as ski resorts, vineyards, and fields of the protection of the environment.


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National action plan for Tourism in Chile

As with any country that is concerned with the Tourism industry, the government of Chile has created a National action Plan for Tourism, where technicians from the Ministry of Economy, Development and Tourism has developed a series of protocols for health-care, with a view to protecting the workers in the industry, and, of course, for the tourists.

Is important to note that these protocols have been designed to assist in the recovery of the industry after it has passed the peak of infection in the united states.

— To restore the trust and confidence of the tourists, it will be critical to the future of the revival of the sector,” said under secretary of Tourism, Mónica Zalaquett. “The health and safety of the travelers will play a key role in the competitiveness of the destinations; therefore, the implementation of the protocols and guidelines of the recommendation, which was worked out in conjunction with the industry, it is vital to face up to the step of re-activation. we hope to implement as soon as the health authority to authorize, " said Lucas, Palacios, Minister of Economy, Development and Tourism of the republic of Chile.Vos Chile

What do they say in the protocols that are in Chile?

The recommendations contained in the protocols include recommendations on how to clean and sanitize all work spaces and environments and tourist attractions, in addition to the instruction of the Tourism enterprises with new ways of interacting with the customer, or the customer.

That is, with the detachment of a physical measurement, temperature measurement, and the availability of alcohol for cleansing of the hands.

In addition, the recommendations also show how Tourism enterprises are required to act in the case of a positive Covid-19.
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Here are some of the actions proposed

The means of accommodation and restaurants

The protocol for the facilities of a touristic accommodation that includes recommendations with regard to the availability of materials, health and hygiene in various parts of the facility, process, cleaning, and sanitizing, deep steps to make sure distance is a physical between the board, the elimination of the service, the breakfast, and also a guide to the isolation of a possible case are positive for Covid-19 the travelers or the staff.

In the case of restaurants, these recommendations are very similar in terms of the adoption of strict measures of cleanliness and sanitation, but they also come with a guide that is specific to the input and the output of the facility, for the care and arrangement of the tables, and the management of the kitchen and safe food handling, as well as a new practice to suit the client.

Wineries, Ski resorts, and Events

The tourist authorities pointed out that, in the second stage, you will be provided with recommendations for threads that are more specific to Tourism such as resorts, events, corporate, travel agents and tour operators, tourist guides, adventure tourism, rural tourism, wineries, and environmentally sensitive areas that are open to visitors.

Those who want to know more about the recommendations of the Government of Chile, all of which will be available to download free of charge at the links below:

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