Edição 2021 do Critics’ Choice Awards também é adiado

Issue 2021 in the Critics’ Choice Awards, also has been postponed

22/06/2020 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

The award, considered to be one of the thermometers in the same place, following the decision by the american Academy of Arts and decides to postpone the party. Now, the Critics’ Choice Awards will take place in march and not in January

The season of awards in the major film productions has just been given a change.

After the postponement of the ceremony of the academy awards, which began in February, and the pafor the end of Aprilclick here to read) now it's time for the Critics’ Choice Awards, will announce that the awards ceremony will take place at the March 7, and it's not over on the 10th of January.

Critics’ Choice Awards

As for the movie theaters did not reopen to watch the greatest hits and original productions on Amazon Prime

One of the main thermometers of the Oscars (and the other one is the Golden Globe awards), the Critics’ Choice Awards, also delivers the statues to the productions are put together.

For the time being, the festival continues to be organized as a live event, but the meeting in the virtual world.

The nominees for the prize pool of the series will be announced on the 18th of January while the movie will be announced on the 7th of February.

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