Paul McCartney faz 78 anos. Happy birthday!

Paul McCartney is 78 years old. Happy birthday!

18/06/2020 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

The most beautiful pop/rock songs, the world a full over one year of age. with a lot of talent and a love for the country. Live Paul McCartney!

Paul is led to 184 thousand, the Maraca in the 1990's

This is a week of anniversaries for the two of setentões very specific, and that cross each other: the rio de janeiro (16), and Paul McCartney (18).

McCartney is the biggest name in pop/rock songs of all-time, the full 78-year-old with the rio de janeiro, as a hall of fame for an unforgettable holiday experience. It was here that, on April 21, 1990, he entered the record books with an audience of 184 million people.

A thank you from Pul to the public in brazil and argentina.

However, this is only a chapter in the history of the former beatle and the country. He became a figure in the constant here, having visited us in the 1990, 1993, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2019 at the latest, as well as having dedicated a song to a brazilian (Too Many People) and written and recorded a song for Brazil and Back in Brazil.

To get some of the songs from the success of Macca it would be a waste of time and end up creating a huge text. Best to stick to the playlists that are made for the Users to pay a tribute to the work of this true genius of the song at the end of the text).

In the above, Back in Brazil

Happy birthday, Sir Paul!

Here's a discography of Paul and choose the ones you like the most

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