O que as empresas estão fazendo para facilitar a remarcação de viagens

What companies are doing in order to help facilitate the rebooking of the travel

25/03/2020 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

Hotels, airlines, tour operators, cruise line and other companies are loosening rules to make the trips happen as soon as possible

The rules change from day to day, but throughout the world, the companies that we work with reserves that are related to the holidays that are relaxing the rules for the rescheduling of the booking.

The airline tickets purchased by the brazilian companies, it is ideal to search for the web site of each and every one of them and check out the the conditions offered to and agreed to by the Faa. In other countries, including the United States, for example, the rules that are already set up.

No time limit to finish it

As in the case of infection by the new coronavirus significantly increased around the world, and that they are attentive to the movement of the World Health Organization, there still seems to far away from the date by which we will know when the situation will return to normal.

As we have already said, the ideal would be to recall and you don't cancel the trip, which was scheduled to run. Many businesses will not just lay down in the rate of recall, as they are allowing you to choose a new date for the trip to the state of the pandemic is under control.

But, you need to check with the company that it intends to do so.

Some of the frequently asked questions

The airlines will refund tickets on behalf of coronaviruses?

For the most part, yes. However, each of them is using its own criteria. Here's what a few of them are offering to your customers.

British Airways All customers who have tickets scheduled to the 31st of may, you can make remarks to you for free.

Air France The company is also offering a coupon for those of you who had trips scheduled for the dates up until the 31st of may. The vouchers are valid for 1 year and you will be able to be used on Air France, KLM, Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic.

American Airlines The trips are scheduled directly with the American as of the 1st of march and ran until the 31st of may, it cannot be rescheduled without the necessity of paying any fees, charges or fines, and can also be cancelled, free of charge.

The company suggests that those who do not have the date for when they will be traveling, they cancel your booking online and re-book at a later date. The American is sending out a code that allows for this type of operation.

In the event that your flight has been cancelled because of the restrictions of the local government, the company will send you an e-mail with a code that allows you to book a new flight. This code is valid for 1 year. In the case that this code is not intended to be used during this period, the company said it will refund to you the amount you have paid.

Delta Air Lines The Delta does not charge a fee to reschedule if a new trip to be completed by December 31, 2020. For flights that are cancelled by the company, it is necessary to contact in order to negotiate an acceptable solution.

Viagens canceladas

And the web sites of travel booking?

Web Sites such as Expedia, to take Off, and the Submarine may, in the majority of cases, serve as an intermediary between the consumer and the airlines and hotels. In the meantime, each and every site that is related to the way different firms.

Therefore, it is almost impossible to say which of the options will be displayed. The solution is to get in touch, and negotiating.

Already, in speaking of the hotels, in most cases the reservations made for hotel stays in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Korea, South, Israel, the Marshall Islands, El Salvador, Denmark, the Czech Republic, India,Poland, russia, Ukraine, and Italy, are eligible for a full refund.

But this list can vary each and every day.

And, the hotel chains?

The information is less extensive in the industry. The major networks still seem to not have the policy to fully set up.

Already, Airbnb has cancelled all of its check-in between 14th march and 14th April, and will be refunded to the customer. For the later dates, there is not yet a defined position to the present day (25 march 2020).

And the trips on the cruise ships?

As for the restrictions for each country are different, and the passenger had a cruise scheduled should be prepared so that they do not happen again.

The advice is to get in touch with your service provider and check the viability of the trip, depending on dates of departure and the destination of choice.

Some of you may be able to get a loan for up to 2x longer than originally paid for.

The help of the travel insurance

Depending on your insurance and the date of the contract, it is possible that your insurance will cover several of the expenses caused by the cancellation of the trip on account of the COVID-19.

But, then again, you need to read what the contract says, and then, of course, to get in touch with the company responsible for the safe and secure. There are many rules that can have an influence on the solution, provided in each case.

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