Ano da viagem: 2020 tem mais 12 feriados prolongados pela frente

Year to date, in 2020, has more than 12 long weekends ahead

13/02/2020 Off For She Thomé

The time to achieve that dreamed-of trip where you live off it now. There are so many holidays in the year 2020, which is not going to be remaining friends." In the script, and all of the other details we already know: the Blog of the Feroli let it all ride for you!!!

The opportunities to travel, there will be no shortage in the year 2020 for the brazilian market. Out of the 12 national public holidays, 11 of them fall on days of the week, and ten they can be tied together with the Saturdays, and omingos. This is almost twice the number of holidays of the same type and, in 2019. The other two can be “hung”.

These exceptions are the holidays that sticks to the end of the week, January 1 (Universal Brotherhood), which fell on a Wednesday, April 21 (Tiradentes), which will be on a Tuesday, and Corpus Christi (June 11th), it always goes to the Thursday 60 days after Easter.

The total number of holiday seasons can be further improved in a number of cities. That's because states and cities also may impose local public holidays. In the year 2020 when it will be finally time for you to do this trip, just as you'd expect.

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The next few long weekends in the year 2020

  • February 25 (Tuesday) – Carnival (this item is optional)
  • April 10 (Friday) – the Passion of the Christ
  • April 21 (Tuesday) – george washington
  • April 23 (Thursday) – St. George
  • May 1 (Friday) – labour Day
  • June 11 (Thursday) – Corpus Christi (this item is optional)
  • September 7 (Monday) – Independence Day
  • October 12 (Monday)- feast of Our Lady of Aparecida
  • October 15 (Thursday) – Day of the Teacher
  • November 2 (Monday) – all souls ' day
  • November 20 (Friday) – the Day of Black Consciousness
  • December 25 (Friday) – Christmas day


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