Assentos dos voos norte-americanos podem ficar ainda mais apertados

The seats of the flights of americans can get even tighter

02/01/2020 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

The federal aviation administration Reauthorization Act of 2018, the regulations approved by the president, the Trump, extends some of the rights of the passengers, but it can reduce the space between the seats

Recently, we talked about the companies that will treat you like a king and the new ‘Economic Classes’. If, however, the competition between the companies is a small one, in Brazil, in the us it is different, and the rules adopted by Donald Trump in the year 2018 is still a cause of some uncertainty for the convenience of business and leisure travellers.

Despite the fact that, in principle, to protect the rights of travelers, many experts are still concerned about the effects of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 with respect to the size of the seats.

The federal aviation administration — the Federal Aviation Administration (faa)/Federal Aviation Administration — want the law to keep their government funding, but the wording of the bill also included several other points, including the minimum dimensions of the seats in order to ensure the health and safety of the passengers.

The problem is that the seats are getting smaller and smaller, while the size of the average passenger is on the increase. At the end of it all, the account is not closed.

Some of the organizations that advocate for the rights of the passengers on the aircraft said that the seats were designed for people with a 1.78 m tall, which is not available in the majority of the inhabitants of the United States of america.

In spite of this, the FAA has said that there are tests that show that the passengers do not take more than a few seconds to leave their seats in the event of an emergency, even if the distance between them is reasonable, a little more than 60 cm in height.

Floor space is limited

Another problem, pointed out by the organisations which defend the rights of the passengers, is that a number of companies that offer domestic flights will offer only a 40 cm distance between the seats, making the ride a torture.

The new regulations allow the FAA to make its calculations, taking into account the “safety,” and it's not the best thing that you can get even more ugly.


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The companies with the best seats

Although the brazilians have a lot of options in relation to international travel in the United States, it is possible to travel without the grip. There are many companies operating on the domestic routes, giving passengers the opportunity to choose the best balance between price and comfort.

Below we have listed all the companies that are offering the seats are more comfortable (in terms of size), which are located in the hub of the industry, and it is true, the boxes of matches.

All the best

Delta Air Lines
Spirit Airlines
Frontier Airlines
Hawaiian Airlines

The reasonable

United Airlines
Alaska Airlines
Southwest Airlines

The worst

American Airlines
Sun Country

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Decide on the right

As you can see, it's not always a “higher” provides the best service, or more comfortable. In fact, all of the seats with more room are (mostly) just in the of small companies.

So, here's what your priorities are before you buy a ticket for travel within the united states. You can also ask for help from the experts. The Blog Feroli, for example, you can search for the best price, and to indicate to the company that best fits your interests.

*Keep in mind that the ranking is done on the basis of the settings of the aircraft to make a domestic flight within the United States of america. Most of the time, the aircraft and the configurations of the seats are completely different on the international routes.

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