Novo filme do Doutor Estranho terá ‘personagens surpreendentes’

The new film, Doctor Strange will be ‘amazing characters’

30/12/2019 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

According to the producer, Kevin Feige (who is also the president of Marvel), Doctor Strange the when I first Saw it in the Crazy” must have the “amazing characters”

Doutor Estranho

A new phase of movies from Marvel Universe is still in full steam, and the updates are going to popping up like mushrooms here and there. The last of these was published by the producer and president of Marvel comics) Kevin Feige.

According to him, the new movie of Dr. Strange, " with a working title of Doctor Strange, in the Reign of the Madness and the release date is marked for may 7, 2021 — will be some of the “amazing characters”.

The statement was made during a lecture at the Academy Theater in New York city. And, even though it has not been given many clues as to what would be the character, Feige revealed that one of the characters is the one who has always wanted to do something.”

The speculations are many. Any guesses on the new characters such as Dr. Strange?

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New York-the Empire State Building

New York city is one of the most filmed in the world. Be that as it may, as any place in the fictional (Gotham City). In addition to this, there are many movies that use the icons of the city, such as scenery.

One of the most popular (and traditional) this is the Empire State Building. Since it was opened (in 1931) of the building, which is located at the number of 350 Fifth Avenue (between all the ras, 33, and 34) — has turned into a tourist attraction. Is 102 stories high and over 70 lifts.


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Although it has been several stories of empty on account of the great economic depression that had gripped the United States at the time of its opening, the building has been on and off for nearly 40 years, the highest in the world, second only to that of the World Trade Center, at the end of the decade of the 1970's.

Unfortunately, the Empire State Building again became the tallest building in the city after the attacks of September 11, 2001. Today, One World Trade Center, which opened in 2012, is the highest in all of new york.

Vocation in the film

The Empire State Building, it is to this day remembered (since 1933) for the film to have been kidnapped by the gorilla, King Kong. But it's not just the giant ape who has taken advantage of the beauty and the height of the building. Successful films such as Too Late, to Forget, to Tune in to the Love-and Independence Day, for example.

But of all the productions where the characters go to, or pass through it are endless, even more if we take into account the large number of series from TV's past in the city.

A view to take your breath away

In addition to a visit to one of the most beautiful places in the world, the tourist can enjoy the beautiful views of the city of New York, and if you decide to go up to the Observatory on the 86⁰ the floor.

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