Rumo a Doha: tudo o que o rubro-negro precisa saber para a viagem

The direction of the Doha round: what is the red and black need to know for your trip

28/11/2019 0 For She Thomé

It will be in Doha, capital of Qatar, in the Middle East, the battle for the World Club's Cup 2019. Flamengo, the team with the greatest number of people in the world, and is a two-time winner of the Libertadores will play for a spot in the grand final, promising to bring the nation to keep up with the team on the other side of the world, in search of back-to-back world

One of the richest countries in the world, with one of the world's largest oil reserves and the largest reserves of natural gas in the world, Qatar is the headquarters of the The fifa World cup in 2022. Before that, right around the corner in 2019, there is a nice “warm up” is the final of the fifa Club World Cup, in Doha, on Saturday the 21st of December, at 15: 30 (gmt).

The venues for the Fifa

The final will take to the stage special feature: Stadium of the City, in the Education arena, hipermoderna was built for the World Cup. In Brazil, a nation of more than 40 million fans will be hoping to see their team at the stadium.

The red and the black you are planning to follow the team on this achievement, and the The Blog's Feroli is to give you a successful trip — even on the part of the turistar!


The fifa World Cup, Fifa Club 2019, in and of itself, it begins on October 11 with a match between Al-Sadd team will Add that, against the Hienghène Sport in New Caledonia. Flamengo and Liverpool estrearão in the 17th and 18th of December, in that order.

Home of the Education City is also home to the debut by Liverpool in the semi-finals, and the battle for the third place. You will play your first match in the Stadium, and Khalifa, who has been completely modernised and is brand new and ready to be one of the host stadiums for the world Cup 2022.


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Regarding flights, packages and tickets

The dream of seeing the games late in the fifa Club World cup in Doha, Qatar, that will not be one of the most inexpensive to carry out. After all, the race will take place on the other side of the world. And a lot of people have torrou good money for the Libertadores cup, which also was not cheap.

Your options are to buy a pack and try it the usual “out of sight” or put together a ‘frankenstein’ with the ticket + ticket + accommodation.

Let's just warning you: reduce in-flight, will require a lot of patience and energy. This is because to get a very good price, often more than 20 hours in planes and airports, without going into detail about the delays and the connections between them. All-in economy class.

The direct flight to the capital Doha to be there. But it is in the pocket of the more fortunate ones.

For this reason, we looked at some of the packages from our partners. And the news is good. The take-Off, for example, it is possible to find the value of R$ 14.175 billion, for a flight + accommodation in the period from the 15th to the 22nd of December. The values are similar they are also available at the site for Airline Ticketsfor the same period of time.

Information on how to purchase your tickets in Brazil

The Cup is advised for those who have access to the web site for the sale of tickets to this Thursday and Friday, the 28th. A batch of additional tickets will be available for purchase. The The Portal for the Sale of Tickets will be closed for the morning, for a specified period of time. Don't be scared!


Fifa has re-opened the ticket sale for the fifa Club World cup 2019 in your web site

That's because on Thursday, the Cup will launch a new platform that will give ticket holders the opportunity to offer them for re-sale. For more information about the Policy for re-sale and Transfer of the Cup and the resale of the Cup is also available on the website for the sale of tickets for the competition, in both English and Arabic.

The tickets are priced in three categories: QAR 25 (for about$ 25.) for the Category of 3 during the first three days of the games, and QAR 400 (about$ 400) for Category (1) in a double round in the end. In cases where two matches are to be played on the same day in the same game (double round), and each ticket will give you access to both games.


What you need to know (and respect!) on the African

The African — arab country nestled on the shores of the arabian Gulf, is one of the places in the sunny Land. The temperatures are consistently in the range of about 40 degrees, even in winter. This makes it the perfect location for outdoor activities such as golf, sailing, and kayaking.

In Doha, the capital city, is so far removed, geographically, from Brazil, as well as in terms of culture. But it is in the heart of one of the most dynamic economies in the Middle East. The country came out of poverty in the 1940's, when the oil poured into the sea. Prior to that, they depended primarily on fishing, and the creation of the camel, and of the pearl. They were dominated by the persians for many years to come. Then, by Bahrain, the ottoman turks and the british. Independence came in 1971.


The population is a mix of arabs from the Maghreb and the arab Middle East. At the same time, it's a country of ex-pats, and a good portion of them are in the west. This shows that Qatar has a vested interest in opening up to the world, without sacrificing their convictions.

The majority of muslims who serve in the five so-called day of prayer. Have a look at hot and uneasy. Use of physical punishment, such as stoning, as a part of the criminal code, under extreme conditions — such as homosexual behavior, which is considered to be a crime in this country. And they are very, very, very closed.

Local rules

  • Don't look at people in the street. For more than their clothing, it would be interesting. They are irritadíssimos, and are not at all frost tolerant. For any dissatisfaction, can call the police!
  • Don't ask a woman out on the street. Especially if you are a man. It is a serious offense!
  • Do not greet people of the opposite sex with a handshake. It is a religious ban.
  • Do not take pictures of people without their permission. A Vale, especially the elderly, the military, and the women with no abaya or a niqab or a hijab. It is confusion for sure!
  • Do not take food with the left hand on the table with the muslims. It serves primarily for personal hygiene.
  • Do not take alcoholic drinks. They are banned in the country. In some places, to serve him, but only as a foreign language. All the tricks, they only drink in private places!
  • Do not wear clothes, are glued to the human body, transparent, or shorter, if you are a woman. They are traditional in terms of dress code. Please take this seriously, so as not to be fulminada by the look of the arab world. The men are all released, no restrictions.

The language

The official language of the country is the Arabic language. But the English language is spoken by all, and for a short time, the country was dominated by the United Kingdom. People can add this is very restricted. So, don't expect a lot of conversation with those in the west. But it's always nice to hear a little bit of the language of the country you will visit. In a word, in the Arabic, perhaps you can start with a nice smile.

  • Have a good daysaban al-khair
  • It is not too badmisaa al khair
  • How do you do?kaif haalak?
  • Thank youshukran
  • I'm sorrymuta’ physically abuses the

The basic information for your trip to Doha

Qatar is one of the countries in which the brazilians do not need a visa to get in. However, your passport must be valid for more than six months, just like any other international flight. At the end of December, the temperature remains, on average, over the 20. And the time zone that is six hours more than the second.

We've compiled the following information for you to travel with comfort and safety to the country.

How to get there

At The Airport

The airline company, Qatar it is the only one that operates non-stop flights from Brazil to Doha, departing from the International Airport of Guarulhos, in Sao Paulo, brazil.

Turkish Airlines, British Airways, and Latin america are also on the route, and on flights with one or two stops. All flights arrive at the International Airport in Doha, which is located 10 km from the centre of the city.

Car rental

For those who choose to hire a car at the airport and arrive in the city in about 15 minutes. The rates for compact and economy vehicles costs around QAR 137 per day.

Car rental at the best price-guaranteed!
Car rental at the best price-guaranteed!

To get to the city, take the airport access road, turn right over the motorway to the Ras Abu Abboud, and get right to the heart of the city. If you decide to follow the coast of the United States of america, you can take the coast road, E11 (to be raised soon by Saudi Arabia, and change to the motorway a 5 in Salwa.

Public transportation

The local bus, the 777 109's and 747's pass through the airport and on the way to the center of the Doha round. The company Mowasalat operates a shuttle bus to the other cities of Qatar such as Al Khor and Mesaieed, with the fate of the Doha round.

Where to get

The price of accommodation in Doha are not that great, when compared with the air passages. The hotel area is well-served basis. Most of the hotels are concentrated near the Doha Port, as well as very close to the Souq Waqif, a wonderful place to use as a base for those who are going to watch the game.

In addition to being close to the main tourist attractions, it also offers a range of restaurants and places to shop. It is a distance from the drive, and there is a 20-minute drive to the Stadium and Khalifa, where you make a start in the semi-final match at the 17th, and in less than 25 minutes ' walk from the Stadium to the City's Education, the stage of the grand final, where the fans and the red and blacks will be hoping to emulate the feat of conquering the whole world, against the reds.

Check it out, below is a map of the hotel (and the prices) to our partner's Booking, and book your stay with the best rates!

The foreign exchange

The currency of Qatar is the Rial Catariano, whose quote is very similar to the one in the Real world (1,00 USD = 1.16 per Actual QAR) on 26 November. For many years, enough time to buy things in shops and restaurants.

You have cash for taxis, small purchases at the Souq Waqif, and any tips. In shopping malls, hotels and restaurants, and you can use the card for convenience but also to accept the money, if you so choose).

Safe, secure and mobile

Anyone who is planning a trip, don't forget to hire a travel insurance for your trip. Choose the one that will cover for the following risks: lost baggage, delayed flight, accident, and disease.

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Public transportation

Even though it is a city in full development, the Doha round has a very limited public transport. The metro line should be completed only for the fifa World Cup in 2022. The way is to walk from the bus stop.

The rates are individual to drive the bus, will vary according to the itinerary, costs between QAR 3 and QAR 4. There are also fees of up to QAR 9 for if you come to the towns and cities close by. The passages are inserted into a card pack that is sold in bus terminals and points allowed.


The majority of the court of the company, Mowasalat. And the city officials, the blue/turquoise Karwa. You can pick up on the street and ask you for the app. On the street, however, some of the truck drivers set the price according to the destination. And, of course, plays well to the top! But it is the law and you should demand that they use the meter. Always carry cash, because a lot of times, they don't have to change for you.


The initial value of the trip is QAR 4 is increased to QAR 1.60 per mile (1.6 km during the day, and the QAR 2.50 for the night. The races of the city's most well-known and the sights of the city, ranging on average from 15 to 30 QAR, it is a good cost/benefit ratio, considering both the comfort and the terrain.

By the application of a Karwa Taxi, which is available from the app Store, we already have an estimate of the value of the race, this is how it works in apps such as Uber (which works for it in the app Careem). The app is very useful, especially when you're in a place where there aren't as many taxis on the island, such as The Pearl, or Katara Cultural Village.


The streets and shopping malls

In addition to the charming Souq Waqif, there are a major shopping centers in the city, such as City Center Doha and Villaggio. Hyatt Plaza has a space for children's play. The fact is that the Doha round can be a paradise for the buyers, compulsive.

So the hints are: the Landmark, Doha, to buy in new york, and the Medina Centrale, the center of retail at the Pearl, which is home to shops such as Aigner, Petracer, and Migato to the shopping areas.

Grocery stores, and other

Doha is home to a large number of grocery stores and markets all over the world, including wal-mart and Carrefour stores. But local companies, such as the Family, the Food Center, they have increased in number. A liter of milk costs around QAR 20 and a dozen for eggs, and QAR 10.



Because of the intense sunshine throughout the year, it is recommended that you use a hat or cap and sunglasses. The cataris use white robe (thoub), and the cataris wear tunic, black (abaia) with a scarf that can cover you only for the hair or the entire head, including the face.

Guests can make use of costume in the west. But it is not advisable to use clothes that are short, transparent, revealing or tight-fitting to prevent the offences and as to the religion of the place. In the mosque, women must wear the scarf at the back of the head and shoulders. All are expected to wear loose clothing covering arms and legs.


Cooking Tricks, it is filled with flavors. Don't deprive yourself of getting to know typical dishes, such as Machbous (risottos with meat or seafood), Haruf (rice with roasted lamb); Umm Ali (bread pudding with nuts and raisins), and the Mehalabiya (flan with pistachio).


The Haruf, with a side dish of rice with roasted lamb

It is important to emphasize that the muslims are strictly forbidden to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages, but the aliens are then released to both the consumer and the purchase. The prices are not very attractive. With a long neck and can reach costs as much as QAR 50 (around £ 45). It will be expensive to celebrate over there, so let us make the celebration the largest in Brazil!

8 great things to see and do in 8 days in Doha

Qatar is the home country of the TV channel Al-Jazeera, a media, a more “liberal” in the arab world. They are the owners of the football club paris saint-germain FC in France. The country has the funds to an investment that holds the slices in a large companies, such as Volkswagen, and the british bank Barclays, for the building of the most modern in central London, The Shard, which includes the Shangri-la hotel.

In the tourism sector, the funds will cataris is the owner of the hotel de dream in Switzerland and the Burgenstock Resort in Lucerne, the Hotel Schweizerhof in Bern, in addition to the Raffles in Singapore and The Peninsula in Paris, France, to name but a few.

Elencamos, the following are eight of the must-see sights, to meet in Doha.


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