Será que teremos uma sequência do longa sobre o Coringa?

It will be that we will have a stream of long in the Wild?

25/11/2019 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

The director of the film, which tells the origin of the Joker, one of his most well-known in the world, did not confirm plans to build a second long


In the past week, a story published in The Hollywood Reporter swept the world in the cinema: the Warner Bros. I could be working on a sequence in the film, the Joker's (Joker's).

The report said that director Todd Phillips has already talked about the main character of the long, Joaquin Phoenix, and it has already had a meeting with the studio executives for the achievement of the film.

After all, the success of the truth — it is the fourth film in the DC universe to surpass the mark of US$ 1 billion at the box office and cost a mere$ 60 million is to be made — it's almost mandatory to think of a follow-up.

The problem with this is that, according to Phillips, this is not the case. The director has revealed he's spoken informally with the Phoenix about this, and it's not there or it has been scheduled, any meeting with the studio about the so-called project.

In a recent interview with the entertainment site, " Phillips said, “a movie that makes$ 1 billion at the box office, and you haven't talked about a sequel, but an article in the Hollywood Reporter, referring to things outside of it, which, frankly, are not true.”

The joker is one of the chief of the public to the ceremony of the Oscars (especially in the categories of Best Film and Best Actor). But it all depends, even in the opinion of the members of the Club.

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The joker turns the staircase into tourist hot spot

Even if such a sequence does not happen in the movie, the Joker has already resulted in more of a tourist attraction in New York city.

The staircase to where His Phoenix, he did a little dance, which has become one of the scenes in the most iconic of the long, in the Bronx, was listed as one of the places to be visited in the city.

The Music here is one of the safest neighborhoods in, or visits New York city. The staircase, which is located between the boulevards of fear that Anderson is not close to the main sites in the district.

The 132 steps of the staircase are away from the Zoo in the Bronx and the Botanical Garden in New York city. But it's not too far from Yankee Stadium, where he plays the most popular baseball team in the city.

How do we get there?

The steps already marked, in some applications, the map can be found on the social network using the hashtag #jokerstairs. But the complaints of the local residents have already made a few apps from the marking of the place.

So, if you want to get out there in a way that is easy and quick (coming from Manhattan), take the metro line 4 and get off at station-street, and 167. They are a few blocks over to the staircase, which, we repeat, is located between the origin of the Shakespeare and Anderson.


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But you don't cheer up too much in making the game. Despite the fact that many “Wild cards, for the rent” to stay there to charge you for photos with tourists, and the lack of friendliness of the local residents in the vicinity of the steps you can to make the visit as pleasant, especially if any of them want to use the ladder as a way for it to work.


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