The research then calculates the time that is required to pay for the whole wedding party

23/10/2019 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

There are 3 thousand weddings a day across the country, and a party for 200 people can cost more than$ 40 million

Marriage, they say, is an institution in crisis and doomed to extinction. However, Brazil is a country of unique. Both of these statements (the true) when it is united to the end, showing just how contradictory it is to our earth.

In a study conducted by the Brazilian Association for Social Events (Abrafesta) shows that the brazilian is still a fan of marriage.... They are, or about 1.1 million per year (approximately 3 million).


Partying guys

To complement this study, and another (made by the Cuponation) was calculated as the couples to spend with the wedding party. The answer: A$ 44.701 for a ceremony with 200 invited guests.

Taking into account the fact that the average salary of the brazilian (based in the united states is$ 2.5 billion, it would take one year, five months and 27 days to work the same time for the couple to pay for such a bash.

But don't you think that a decrease in the number of guests, it makes a difference in proportion is good. A party for up to 100 guests, the cost (on weighted average) - R$ 33.401. To add this value to the lovebirds would have to work for a one-year, one month and 11 days. That is, the 100 guests, the extra “cost only” four more months on the job.

The most important details: the main expenses of the festival are the Food and Beverage, construction, and Services (R$ 8.700). In addition to this, it is important to emphasize that in the calculation of the expenses of the feast are not included in the cost of the wedding night and honeymoon.

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Las Vegas: an option to reduce costs for your party

If the parties to the marriage are to spend a considerable amount of a choice that is becoming more popular to marry abroad and make a party over there, the one that limits (a lot), the number of guests that will attend and participate in the regabofe, and also includes the cost of the trip for the honeymoon.

For those who don't have a book and a castle in France, or in Italy, there is a low-cost option and quite a curious one: Las Vegas

They say that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, but a ceremony to be held on any one of the (several) chapels are scattered all over the city, for the casinos will be for sure an unforgettable one.

Elvis is on the building


Click on it and see how much it costs for a wedding in the Chapel-Elvis

Is there anything more kitschy and charming to get married in the presence of the King of Rock? Right figure is alive and present in Las Vegas and get married in their chapel, and with it the coming together of the bride and sing a few of their songs, it's something that is going to mark the moment.

The most interesting thing is that there are how do you get to the site of the ceremony in a cadillac, and pink (for a bit more) to have a marriage that is really valid in the united states.

After the ceremony, a round of the game of chance on a display of the Love — Cirque-du-Soleil with the music of the Beatles..

Las Vegas may be sin city, but it can also be the city of the event.

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