Mundo sem Beatles de ‘Yesterday’ faz rir e chorar

A world without the Beatles's ‘Yesterday’, makes you laugh and cry

27/08/2019 Off For Fernando de Oliveira

‘Yesterday’, a film based on Danny Boyle's fantasy comedy, romantic, and a good dose of humour (and the british) in the long, which should please most of you. And it gives you a greater desire to travel to Liverpool

Imagine a world in which the Beatles did not exist, and you are (almost) the only one that remembers them and their songs. Now, add to this a love story. To give you the direction and the script the experts in a romantic comedy, and you'll have “Yesterday”.

The new feature from director Danny Boyle. — Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? and the screenwriter Richard Curtis, who — Book Of Love and Four Weddings and a Funeral — this is a very serious candidate for favorite of the afternoon session in the world.

Before we continue, let's make it clear that the club did not exist as a group, but they kept on living their lives as individuals. The explanation it's important for the story to be understood.

The story (with as few spoilers)

The film revolves around a Jack-Malik, a wanna-be singer who is unable to take off in your career, (played by Himesh Patel) — who, after a number of failed attempts you are ready to throw in the towel when a power of the world, it is to be run over by a bus.

When he wakes up, he discovers that the world has moved on. A lot of stuff gone, including the Beatles: rock band. There is not a trace of them anywhere, and apparently it does if you remember the music from them.

And so, Jack decides to sing and record some of the songs. The problem is that it's not so he gets the attention, until, that is, a part in a TV show that is watched by Ed Sheeran — singing to himself in a great performance as well.

With the help of, and admiration for Sheeran — a-scene-game-of-your compositions are very good, and it shows how the player got in the game without fear of ridicule — Jack to get the little extra that was missing.

From there, everything changes, and, to cut a long story short, Jack is transformed into a world-wide phenomenon. But nothing is that simple (thankfully).

A novel parallel

In addition to a new musical universe, there is a relationship of love is not achieved between the Jack and your business/friend/rodie Her (Her father, James, were committed to the beautiful and charming). There are people who are going to complain about the lack of depth in that part of the story, but that is its charm.

The romance between Jack and Ellie have everything you need to get on the list of favorites of the audience, as did Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan, in the Harmony of Love. I believe that this is one of the ingredients that have made the film to achieve good box office in the united states and in England, where it was a few weeks ago.

Outside the movie has managed a significant number arguing with such titles as “Toy Story 4” And “John Wick”, “Alladin”, and “Spider-Man's Away-from-Home. The scenario should be the same around here.

A lot of chances to enhance

Another one of the strengths of the film, it does not attempt to explain the reasons for what has happened. In addition to this, the humor and the british guarantee of good runs and a lot of irony.

The film will also be surprised at various times with the discovery of Jack that no longer exists. A smart way to do it supply for a number of brands.

The fact that the Beatles were not the only thing in the world to disappear, it is also time to pick up the spirit of those who think that complaining about the references and the facts that are inverossímeis. Hey Dude, in the movie, it's hard to believe!.

The ways that they (and we) found out that those things no longer exist, they are always very hefty. In fact, it is the music of the Beatles would be way to difficult to earn any money.

"Good to see you again

A great deal of discussion about “Yesterday” is expressed by a scene in which Jack is a character inhabited by an uncredited Robert Carlyle). In order not to spoil the surprise, or suggest anyone else, let's just say that “it was good to see you again.”

The scene in question is short, but it's essential to the outcome of the film. Love it or leave it, it is important to understand that inclusion makes no sense. After all, it's a different world, where murder might not have been the case.

Paul is dead?

If the scene is not revealed in the above is also the subject of the dispute that have been included in the movie, it's a chance to play around with the story of the real Paul McCartney died in a car crash in 1966 and has been missing.

The writer, Richard Curtis, who had previously shown no signs of being a fan of the band in the movie “Love actually”, has laid down a number of references to beatlemaníacas in the film. Unfortunately, that left the story, fantasy is the most famous on the Beatles out of the picture (at least in the final version).

It would be interesting to see how this “myth” that it would be embedded in the story. Who knows, in an “extended version” so it doesn't happen.

The music of ‘Yesterday’

The sound track for “Yesterday” is right. Nothing large-scale, anything from Giles Martin, or the involvement of anyone linked to the actual Album. Even so, hearing the versions that were created for the film to do well.

A few of them In My Life,” “The Long and Winding Road” and “Something”, for example), it works very well. The joy of an almost juvenile the scenes of the recording makes the listening a pleasure.

While the commemorative for the 50th anniversary of the album “Abbey Road” is not enough to give it a escutadinha on the soundtrack of the film. It's worth.

Front of the foot

“Yesterday” is not to win an Oscar. Nor do you have the intention to create a new 'definitive versions' to the songs that are in the souls of millions of people around the world. “Yesterday” was created to entertain, and he does it so well (far too many) of your paper.

Boyle, Curtis, Patel, Lily, James, Ed Sheeran & Co., built a world of dreams, where people don't feel that the lack of a lot of stuff that you don't even know that was there (including the Beatles).

There are criticisms that the music is not going to be sufficient for the creation of a myth around the four lads from Liverpool. This is true, but it has not the slightest importance to it.

No one to go to the movies to see “Yesterday” have to worry about drilling holes in the script, camera shots, or the great views. The sole purpose is to get the viewer to spend two hours away from the troubles of the world.

The fan, (casual or not), the band is going to smile, and be touched, and maybe even let a tear roll down. If this is the case, the director shall have failed to comply with its mission. And, believe me, he can do it.

Quote: ****


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Liverpool: ‘Yesterday’, today, and tomorrow

Liverpool is the destination of your dreams, all beatlemaníaco. And to anyone who is not a fan of it ends up infected by the energy of the Fab Four, which originates on the site. And there are plenty of tours that can be done to get to know the city from the greatest rock band of all time, taxi, van, bus, or on foot.

It's no coincidence that Jack is Ice (and Rock) the move-with a lot of ease in the film. Just because it's easy to the same. And also, it's very easy to get to Liverpool from London. By bus (from Victoria Coach Station in a distance of 5 to 6 hours) or by train (from london's Euston Station, which is two and a half hours away).

The best starting point to cover all the steps of the Beatles at the Albert Dock, as well. The complex of buildings at the Waterfront, in Liverpool, in addition to the official store of the Beatles, is also one of the entrances to the museum and an audiovisual of the Beatles Story.


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Just in front of the Beatles Story at the Albert Dock, it is possible to catch a glimpse of the Yellow Sub hotel is that it is a replica of the submarine from the song. A glimpse of the same, because the property is not open to visitors, and to stay is to have to shell out about$ 1,100 a day.

From there, it is where a part of the Magical Mystery Tour is one of tours most exciting. The yellow bus, just like the original film, it comes out to the lively Albert Dock area, to cover a route that goes from house to house of each and every member of the famous Penny Lane, Strawberry Field, the Liverpool Institute and Art College, where the Beatles were studied to arrive at the legendary Cavern Club.

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