Prudential Concerts une Rock, Frejat e música clássica, no Rio

Prudential Concerts, une Rock, Frejat, and classical music, in Rio de janeiro

23/08/2019 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

This Wednesday (the 21st), and showed that a mixture of classic, pop, rock, and the romanticism of the Frejat what it's all about


The project is Prudential Concerts, which this year has the add-on called " Let's Rock, it blends classical orchestra with the other styles and famous artists of the music. The guest this year, is a singer, songwriter and guitarist, Frejat, one of the icons of brazilian rock n ' roll.

Roberto Frejat is a great twist to a project that has already had the guests names, such as Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil and Alceu Valença.

Pink Floyd and the new york city's Handel, and Vivaldi

After the experiences in the city of Curitiba, Porto Alegre and Belo Horizonte, brazil, Let's Rock, has come to Rio de Janeiro for the two shows (21st and 22nd) at the new Theatre, Prudential building, in the building that housed the companies of the Group, Block Communications, and is responsible for a number of magazines, radio and TV Headlines.

The program began with the Orchestra of the German composer Johann Sebastian River, the orchestra changes depending on the city, led by conductor Carlos Prazeres.

In this part of the show, we have Pink Floyd, Kiss, the Ramones, and the Beatles, among others, combined with Vivaldi, Bach, and Handel. Most of the arrangements work very well, enriching the melodies that are already known, while some of the a few moments are less than happy, Under Pressure, for example).

The best moments were due to the insertions of the classical subjects in the rocks. It is not always possible to combine vivaldi with the drums and bass (and it was a very good thing!).

The good, the orchestra (which was also accompanied by a choir, and it sounded, well, less competent one) was the highlight of a stud. The bowed string instrument that is very much in vogue in the late EIGHTEENTH century and can be heard on the original version of the Skyline Pigeonof Elton John) — has been endowed by the other of the spaces, which are usually intended for the piano.

The program, which tries to draw a picture of the rock in all of its various incarnations, it's a good mix of well-known songs and artists to the classics.


The second part of the presentation, that is, when the guest artist comes on the scene, and you'll see more. In the case of Frejat, part romantic, and the trend is for arrangements where the strings (mostly) already had some pre-eminence seems to have eased the job of the arrangers.

Even those who are critical of the musician, can't deny that it's nice, it has a flavor of rice in the party (in a good way), and it is responsible for some of the most iconic songs of the brazilian rock n ' roll (both with and without the Red Baron).

For a better Day to be Born Happy, Jesus, Love, To Start over, When Love Was Fear, and the Most Abandoned, and they were all on the setlist, showing the strength of a career full of successes.

All of the songs have increased in relation to the original recordings. The richness of an orchestra, it's very difficult to play, and it would be a record in the form unfortunately, there is no evidence that it can happen to you.

A place full of history

Go to the building where you work in the realm of the Block is exhilarating for anyone who has ever worked there. The theatre is restored and is now called the Theater at Prudential room, Adolpho Bloch — is also unknown. Designed by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, the building was the scene of some of the recent meetings, and staff meetings prior to the bankruptcy of the business.

Think about that, that have been discovered in such names as the Boys, and an Angel, and published magazines such as The headline, And it and Connectbrings up nostalgia. It gives you a certain degree of anger from people who have not figured out how to manage a cultural heritage of this weight.

The brasilia and Sao Paulo

The presentations and the locals have embraced the ritual of the concert earlier and they had sold out in a short time. Right now, the project is Prudential Concerts, Let's Rock goes to Brasília and São Paulo. Anyone who is able to run in and save your spot. The show is truly not to be missed.

18/9 – Orchestra-Regimented
The theatre of the UNIP – Brasília (DF)

15/10 – The Orchestra Regimented
The Teatro Renault in Sao Paulo (SP),

For more information about the project, you can follow the Facebook the Instagram of the project.

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Photos by: Fernando de Oliveira
Video: Jo Nunes

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