Brasileiros não sabem proteger sua privacidade na internet

The brazilians did not know how to protect your privacy on the internet

08/05/2019 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

Research has shown that more than 30 per cent of brazilian internet users do not know how to protect your online privacy

Storage in the cloud, mobile devices, social media, e-commerce. All of these phrases are a part of day-to-day a great part of the brazilians, but it is amazing how there is still a fault at the time of the users to protect their data . This information comes from a survey carried out by Kaspersky Lab experts.

Economize 20% e proteja sua privacidade

The information is in the hands of everyone

The more (or as surprising as it is to know that almost 20% of brazilian internet users have already had the information that they were supposed to be private, disclosed on social networks, or on any web site.

There are criminals, there is a data breach, but the worst thing is when the responsibility for the dissemination of data and information, it is our own. But it's not as nasty as it sounds.

Proteja sua privacidade

Some of the basics in the privacy

It may seem like a joke, but there are also those who, in 2019, there is still no worry about having to use an anti-virus that good and up-to-date (even for free), or to be careful at the time to buy something really cheap at an unknown web site. And then there's the annoyance at the time they click on a link in any suspicious e-mail.

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It is not to be paranoid, but you can install applications on the phone that ask for access to your data, it can also be dangerous. Only install what you really need and make sure of the validity of the program. Also, be very careful with what you post on social networks!

Be careful with your privacy, it is always a good thing.

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