Você conhece algum ‘bar secreto’ em Nova York?

Do you know of any bar's secret’ in New York city?

16/03/2019 0 For Fernando de Oliveira

Even if you think that you're new to the town, and even locals did not know of the existence of a lot of these spots in the Big Apple

New York city is one of the most visited cities in the world and has attractions for all tastes and profiles. The city is constantly renewing itself, and often times, travelers think that going on the premise of the mode is to get to know NY as a the palm of your hand.

What a lot of people don't know is that the tradition of the bars are hiddenthat began at the time of the act, which prohibited the sale of liquor in the United States. The famous Dry Law.

The laundry room? The ice cream shop? The restaurant?

Although it is not longer necessary to enter into a pass-through hidden-to-drink (and good), New York city, it still retains a number of these bars, and many of them are worth too much to learn.

It may be that you have to go into an ice cream parlor or go to a restaurant or, maybe, go into a laundromat. But, one has to believe the bars are going to be there, and in these hiding-places make the drinks more tasty.

3 tips that are worth gold in the New York city

When we travel we always look for a very unique experience. However, a lot of times we are ignorant of those who can help us to believe in our own ability to find a place that will make your trip a special one.

Guys, get some information from those who are more experienced or live in the local area can be the difference between a good trip and a truly memorable one. As proof of this, here are tips not to be missed.


More treasures for you to discover

Don't you think that those three bars are the only ones hanging out over in New York city. There are many, many others, and, who knows, we don't show more of them in the other the post? Also, it's always possible that we indicate a few of them for those who they ask for our help in crafting custom itineraries.

See you there!

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