Red baron releases new song

‘The Loneliness you Swallows Live’ is the first with the new lineup

The Red Baronone of the veteran rock bands of the 80's is releasing The Loneliness you Swallows Live, the first new composition of the new formation — after the entry of Rodrigo Suricato and the departure of bassist Rodrigo Santos.

The composition (Guto Goffi, Fernando Magalhães, Maurício Barros) is one of those rock/pop with the DNA of the Baron.

— The choice of music has happened because of people like her, and because she has a sound barãozona, that without being retro appeals to older fans and at the same time she is forward, the current — said Fernando Magalhãesguitarist Baron since 1985.

Preview of the new album (still untitled) that the band should launch at the beginning of the next year, the song speaks of the dangers of being alone, especially in the days of today, where intolerance facilitates the construction of walls.

Friendship I really want
Everything you can dream of
To find together
Direction to walk
For that floor only is not fair

Only a song

The Loneliness you Swallows Live it has a sound that is a rock singer and has a letter that is very beautiful, without making allusion to anything. Has no relation with the political moment or anything like that. It is simply a beautiful letter of love by saying that it is much better to be together than separate — enacted the guitarist.

As to the side of the friends
I scape from any danger
And if you leave
The loneliness you swallows live
If you leave the solitude...

Recorded during breaks from the tour that the band follows you doing for the country, the music, produced by Maurício Barros, is now available on all platforms streaming and won a Lyric Video (see below).

Music for pleasure

With the changes in the music industry, it is increasingly rare for an artist to release new pieces on the pace that we did until the 1990s.

Now, when the greater part of the profits comes with the presentations, new albums are becoming each time more rare.

— I think that to earn money with selling music no longer exists, mainly in physical format. I think it's cool to post new things, but our last album was the Red Baron, 2004 — recalled Fernando.

Test Drive in the Circus

On the 28th, the Red Baron does show at Circo Voador, in Rio de Janeiro, where you will have The Loneliness you Swallows Live in your setlista proof that the Baron is always in mutation.

— In this show at the Flying Circus I'll play The Loneliness you Swallows Live. Not rehearsed the other. Are recorded but not mixed, etc. A lot can still change on them.

A Solidão te Engole Vivo
Guto Goffi/Fernando Magalhães/Maurício Barros

Da amizade quero muito
Tudo que puder sonhar
Para encontrarmos juntos
Direção pra caminhar
Por que andar tão só, não é justo

Não desqualifique o mundo
Levantando outro muro
O importante é estar vivendo
E buscar prazer em tudo
Por que andar tão só, não é justo
Andar tão só...

Pois ao lado dos amigos
Eu escapo de qualquer perigo
E se você deixar
A solidão te engole vivo
Se você deixar a solidão...

Incensa desperdícios
Reinventa precipícios
Te protege e castra
Dessa ninguém escapa
Se for pra levar na cara
Amor e porrada
Que seja de um amigo
Verdadeiro e antigo

Pois ao lado dos amigos
Eu escapo de qualquer perigo
E se você deixar
A solidão te engole vivo
Se você deixar a solidão
Te escolhe um vício

Você poderia estar
Em outro lugar
Não corte esse laço
É preciso viver
E dar mais que receber
É preciso viver e dar mais, mais e mais
Que receber

Pois ao lado dos amigos
Eu escapo de qualquer perigo
E se você deixar
A solidão te engole vivo
Se você deixar a solidão
Te escolhe um vício

Ficha técnica
Rodrigo Suricato - voz, violão e guitarra
Guto Goffi - bateria
Maurício Barros - teclados e vocal
Fernando Magalhães - guitarra
Márcio Alencar - baixo

Produzido por Maurício Barros
Arranjos: Barão Vermelho

Translated by Yandex.Translate and Global Translator


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