Edinburgh: visit and stay there (and neither am I what I'm saying!)

Best city in the UK to visit for five consecutive years, and now the best to live in the whole world!

View of the city from the top of Calton Hill

Edinburgh it was acclaimed the best Uk city to visit for the fifth consecutive year. Annually, the Telegraph opens popular vote to indicate the top 20 travel destinations. The readers of the journal have chosen, once again, by the scottish capital.

According to the newspaper, the Edinburgh team won the first place for being steeped in history, as well as by the “elegance sweeping”. The report adds:

Edinburgh deserves its reputation as one of the cities most beautiful and attractive in the world.”

In the second place, once again, was the historic city of York, followed by Bath. London climbed up a position and entered the TOP 4, followed by Cambridge, which won two seats in relation to their position in the ranking last year.

The city of York was in second place

In sixth place was Wells; Liverpool appears in seventh place, after climbing four positions, just behind Chester. In a world report, however, Edinburgh appears as the best city in the world to live in!

Best place in the world YES!

Report published by the consulting firm Global Arcadis points Edinburgh as the best city to live in the world. All thanks to its low crime rate, high education levels and the general health of your workforce.


“Clearly, we are on the right path. We should all be proud that the city of Edinburgh is comfortably among the five largest cities in the world in this index and, particularly, that is considered to be the number one of people,” said the leader of Edinburgh Council, Adam McVey.

The study, called Sustainability Cities Indexmeasures the health of the social, environmental and economic 100 cities around the world. Are taken into account the three pillars of sustainability, as established by Arcadis:

  1. people
  2. planet
  3. profit

According to the survey, the scottish capital is at the top of the ranking of people. Received, thus the title of “most liveable city in the world” 2018. Ahead of London, Paris, Singapore and Stockholm.

The category of people considers the social aspects of living in a city that reflects the overall quality of life of its residents. The indicators include education, health, income inequality, balance between work and private life, crime, demographics, and cultural offerings”.

But not even there all are flowers

But, by the report, the cities should address the negative factors to maintain competitiveness. The network of roads overcrowded that circulates and passes through the town, and the lack of leisure space have been indicated as factors of concern.

“Scotland has a highly skilled workforce, well-educated and adaptable, with five higher education institutes in the top 200 in the world. We have to continue working hard to improve the city, and not rest on our laurels,” said McVey.

Considering the increasing cost of housing and the increased congestion, the Edinburgh pass for third place and is behind Stockholm, in the second place, and London on first.

The Edinburgh Evening News reported, in November, as the cost of rents in private in the capital was out of control. The government has already asked more rental homes social are built to combat the high rental costs and high demand.

London, of course, is among the most well evaluated


London also won first place as the city the most sustainable in the world, thanks to a high score on the pillars of people and profit, while Kolkata, India, was in 100th place.

European cities occupy 14 of the 20 first positions. Singapore, Hong Kong and Seoul, had a good rating. As well as New York and san Francisco.

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