Biography of Peter Tork of the Monkees, will be launched in São Paulo and Rio de

Love is Understanding – of The Life and times of Peter Tork and the Monkees it tells the story of one of the band's most underrated rock

The rock is full of stories that are not told (or barely told). The night Brad Would Not Be Inwho has written a book about John Lennon, and is now in the history of the Monkees, using it as a common thread running through the life of their bassist/keyboardist, Peter Tork.

Love is Understanding – of The Life and times of Peter Tork and the Monkees (Chiado Editora"), has launched in São Paulo by day 14 (Friday), at the Livraria Cultura do conjunto Nacional, and in Rio de Janeiro, July 18 (Tuesday), at the Bookstore, in Books, in Botafogo.

In brief, a full review of the book.


Monkees will also throw the disc with the songs of christmas

The group uses the same formula that's great Good Times (In 2016), but with the same result

As well as the Eric Claptonwhich he gave to his fans with a fantastic Happy Xmasthe first disc of christmas, the Monkees also, shot in the same direction, with the The Christmas Party – released by the record company Wanted to do, and that is available in Brazil (as always), only in the context of streaming to be able to edit them on a CD click on the link.

Unfortunately, it is not a disk is bad, it is far from the quality of the cast for the Rock and the release of the band's previous.

According to the same formula that is used in the Good Times (and, by the same producer, Adam Schlesinger), the new album brings the songs written by the big names of the pop and especially the band, Peter Buck (REM), for example, the classic christmas-themed, compositions, and scraps from the studio, which allow you to revive the voice of Davy Jones.

Magic sparks

In spite of the great artwork, and the clips could be of interest to you (with the visual of the comic book), we still lack the basics: the magic and the music of all the bands.

Some of the songs to work well individually, but it is a feeling that something is if it was lost in the translation.

The celebration of christmas from the Monkees to get well. The first two songs Unwrap You at Christmas and What Would Santa Do — they give the impression that we will hear something like a Good Times 2but the disc does not hold up.

Mele Kalikimakaone of the two songs, to Davy Jones — recorded originally in the disk of Christmas, released in the late 70's, and have been given new arrangements — it has some charm to you, but it doesn't fit very well in the the spirit of the Monkees.

In fact, the only Micky Dolenz and seems to have committed himself to the project. Peter Tork will appear only on one track Angels We Have Heard On High and Michael, he would contribute back-up vocals on two of the classics of christmas, and without much enthusiasm, I think.

The repertoire is uneven, but the rescue of his songs Wonderful Xmastime (Paul McCartney was a clever move, and of high quality.

More curious still, is the choice of the song Merry Christmas, Baby to close out the album. The blues have won and your membership in the pop, but you lose the version that was released recently by Eric Clapton on his album, christmas.

Do not give in order to compete with the Rock when talking about the blues!

A group is singular

The Monkees were (and are) even if a group is unique. The actors/musicians who, in 1967, they sold more discs than the Beatles and the Rolling Stones put together in the north american market, have had their internal problems, with a good amount of the cost of some returns, triumphant.

The one with a success unexpected in Good Times — reached the Top 20 on the Billboard charts, and the great reviews received for the shows in which Micky, Mike and Peter were held by the United States, have created a small Monkeemania back.

It was not difficult to foresee that the band (and Wanted to) improve, this trend to launch new products.

The Christmas Party this is a quick and easy way to keep the flame hits. Too bad he is playing in the market with a series of releases from the greatness of the greatest.

This Christmas, fans of rock music have a lot of great entries to choose from The Beatles, Elvis, Stone, Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteento name just a few, and the Monkees could end up being a top priority.

A merry Christmas

The Christmas Party it is an album without much of a drive. It serves to liven up a party this holiday season with your friends and you can even contribute one or two of the tracks on future compilations for the band, but it's far from being a memorable one.

It's almost like Christmas for those without a present, my dear, but that you know that you are not going to win a little souvenir.

Quote: *** ½