Biography of the Beatles complete 50 years

On the eve of the relaunch of the version commemorating the 50 years of the White Album, The Life of the Beatles, the only biography authorized of the Beatles, continues to be a must-read

The Beatles broke up officially in 1970. Therefore, it is amazing the effect that music and the attitude of the band still have on our society.

Several good (and several bad) books have been written about the group, but one of them remains essential.

The Beatles — that, in Brazil, had its first edition published with the title The Life of the Beatles — this is the only biography authorized by the band and the only one in which the author actually lived with the band during their career, seeing actual facts and not just through testimonials of any third party.

A bit of history

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Hunter Davies — today a respected lord, the 82-year-old (who is recovering from a surgery for the placement of three bridges on the heart) and the author of a series of books on tourism, sports and, of course, the Beatles — was a young journalist working in the Sunday Times, when it received the green light from Brian Epstein to write the biography of the greatest band of all time.

So, after you have suggested to Paul McCartney the idea of the book, in 1966, right in the middle of the revolution of the psychedelic and the start of the recordings of the beatles ' Sgt. Pepper's, but the final OK just happened on 25 January 1967, when Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields Forever were already completed.

— They knew that Pepper would be something different and great. Paul was definitely in command. At this time, John was getting bored with the Beatles and becoming lazy me said Davies.

Released on September 30, the book became the only biography of the band by the account of a clause (as suggested by Brian Epstein) that guarantee that no other writer would have access to the Fab Four for two years. As they broke up in 1970...

Fool on the Hill

Among the great stories of the book is the day in which John spoke to Paul record a demo of that song from the face of the mountain, and Paul responded that he would not forget her. In the end, Fool on the Hill became one of the best known songs of the Beatles.

— I spent many evenings with them in the studio while they were recording Sgt. Pepper's and also in their homes, watching Paul and John giving life to the songs. Unfortunately, I never recorded any of these times. I wrote it all in 30 small notebooks and, today, I can't understand my letter — revealed Davies.

Getting Better

Another moment that causes envy to the admirers of the music of the Beatles is the description of the creation of Getting Betteruntil today, one of the stories cited by Paul McCartney.

— I was there from the beginning of the composition. I walked with Paul when he had the idea for the first time. Was also in Cavendish Avenue (home of Paul McCartney) when he and John chose the words and rhymes to the song — recalled the writer.

White Album

— I went with them to India when they went to find the Maharishi. The wives and the rodies were left behind and I traveled in a wagon with them, Mick Jagger and Marianne Faithfull. It was there that they composed most of the songs on the White Album — recalled.

The disk that now completes 50 years it is, in many ways, the breaking point of the band, primarily by the presence of a certain japanese.

— I met Yoko before John. One day (in 1967) she called me saying that he was making a movie and if I toparia participate. The problem is that it was a movie about butt naked. So, I made an excuse and declined the invitation — said the journalist.

In the house of Hunter Davies (oct/2013). Photo: Jo Nunes

And, despite the camaraderie that Giles Martin says have found on the tapes heard in order to produce the version to commemorate the White Albumthat comes out in the next day 9, this is not the souvenir Hunter Davies.

— In 68, the only one who seemed to still be enjoying being a beatle was Paul. He lived in a house near Abbey Road while John and Ringo lived well more distant (in Weybridge) and George in Esher, not very far from them —recalled.

This may explain all that happened after, and that culminated in the separation of the group.

Bouncing John Lennon and George Harrison

In his famous interview to Rolling Stone magazine (1970) John referred to the book of Davies as bullshit (shit).

— I called John in 1971, shortly after the interview was published, and he said to me laughing: “You know me, I talk about the things that I have in my head. Hunt”. Neither Paul or Ringo have had objections to the book, although George has been countered by I have not written more about their views on hinduism and spiritual beliefs, things that I thought I didn't fit in the book — revealed.

Other books

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Hunter Davies is recognized today by the biography of the Beatles, but his connection with the band goes beyond. He wrote (and still writes) and several other titles with regard to the group. Two of them are especially relevant and special.

The Lyrics of the Beatles it is the book where Davies reveals to the world a series of manuscripts with the versions (many original) of the letters of the songs of the Beatles, some written on napkins and even on the back of birthday cards. Are revealing pictures.

The other has the title of The Letters of John Lennon (The John Lennon Lettersin the original), where it reveals a series of phone messages, letters and postcards written by Lennon to assistants, friends and fans.

Brazilian high

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In Lennon Letters Brazil wins special mention at two different times. A when Davies shows some rarities Lizzie Bravo — the brazilian who recorded the backing vocals of the song Across the Universe — and when tells the story of a certain fan carioca for which Lennon wrote three postal cards between November 1979 and January 1980.

Worth checking out.

Therefore, if you are a fan of the Beatles have not yet read the biography, authorized, believe me, she is still required reading, even if there are other titles more full on the phenomenon that today influences the world.

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