Johnny English strikes again

After seven years, Rowan Atkinson, the eternal Mr. Bean, back to incarnate the Inspector Clouseau of the secret agents

Some of the characters stick in the artists and even who may have other roles of prominence, will be forever remembered by them. Sean Connery will always be 007, as well as Peter Sellers will always be connected to inspector Clouseau and Rowan Atkinson at Mr. Bean.

Atkinson, now a british institution, back to parade your mood classic in the new adventure of secret agent from MI-7, Johnny English, whose last appearance on the big screen it is now seven years old.

Johnny English 3.0 (Johnny English Strikes Back, in the original English) is a comedy of the old guard. There are moments in which it is impossible not to remember of movies such as Run the Police is Coming, The Pink Panther and, of course, all the previous films of the franchise.


The mood of the long is analog, as well as its storyline. Retired and giving lessons to students of a primary school, English is reconvocado to your old post secret agent after a cyber attack that revealed the identity of all the agents in the activity.

He needs to uncover the identity of the villain and neutralize the threat. The story is not very new or creative, but it is the perfect vehicle for the faces and confusion of Bean, say, English, and his sidekick, the agent Bough (Ben Miller).

Bond Girl

Another feature of the secret agents, English is the presence of beautiful female figures in his movies. This time, the English (re)took advantage of the talent Olga Kurylenko (one of the pairs romantic of Daniel Craig in 007 Quantum of Solace).

And, believe me, a relationship between the two seems so unlikely that you get to cheer on the hero. More strange still, the duo has a good chemistry and timing to be humorous.

Innocence and some (good) laughter

In the end, between qualities and defects, Johnny English 3.0 fulfills its role, which is to take laughter from the audience, even in gags that older people will find familiar.

But it is a film where there is Rowan Atkinson and that always guarantees some good time (pay attention to the scene where he uses virtual reality).

In addition to Atkinson, Kurylenko and Miller, the film also counts with the luxurious participation of Emma Thompsonas the prime minister of England, which is the traditional role of the superior who does not believe in the ability of your controlled.

Buy and see The Return of Johnny English


The movie will turn a good option for the afternoon sessions and you must make success in the cable channels. Worth the trip to the cinema if the idea is to empty the brain, or give a few laughs before the festival of tears Bohemian Rhapsodywhich will also come in poster this fifth (1).

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