Milton Nascimento back acoustic and afinadíssimo

Singer releases acoustic EP with reworkings of songs by the iconic and discloses clip of the song Mary, Mary

One of the greatest talents and one of the voices of the most privileged of the MPB, Milton Nascimento is back with the release of the EP The Partythat brings acoustic versions of some of their hits.

— One of my biggest desires in life was to one day be able to launch a project that had my songs in a format that is more acoustic. And that moment has finally arrived! It is with great joy that now we're releasing this EP , with some of my biggest hits, accompanied only by the guitar of my teacher, Wilson Lopes, who now plays with me for many years. It was all done with great affection! — said Milton.

For those who attended the last two tours of Milton, was apparent a certain fragility (physical and vocal) of the artist. The voice, always powerful and in tune, walked giving some escorregadasthat seems to have fallen behind in these records. Great news for fans of good brazilian music.

The songs

The Cio of the Earth — Partnership of Milton with Chico Buarque, who made his debut in the LP Geraes (1976), The Cio of the Earth won a record where the arrangement of Wilson Lopes stands out and gives more brightness even the beautiful interpretation of Milton.

The new version is a delicacy that rivals the quality of the original record.

The Party — Recorded by Maria Rita in her debut album (2003), The Party win, finally, a version in the voice of its author (the other choice is good enough).

All that imagined how the song should have been created will be more than satisfied. One of the high points of the EP.

Sunset and aurora
North south east west
Moon clouds stars and the band plays
Looks like magic and it is pure beauty
And this song feels and seems that we
If winding current and so all of a sudden you
Has me

Mary, Mary — One of the most well-known and iconic compositions of Bituca, Mary, Mary it's one of those songs difficult to spoil and it would not be the author responsible for it. Perhaps the need to do something different to have clumsy a little.

It is a good version, but the acoustic format and the change of climate did not improve something that is even difficult to improve.

Confira os CDs de Milton Nascimento

The song won a clip directed by Matheus Senra and starred by the actresses Simone Mazzer, Jessica Ellen, Zezé Motta, Camila Pitanga, Sophie Charlotte, Georgiana Góes and Arianne Botelho.

Beco do Mota — Probably the least happy of the recordings of this EP. Released on LP Milton Nascimento (1969), Beco do Mota not benefited from the acoustic format. It is not a bad record, but it is below of the other songs on the project.

Cuitelinho — Recorded for the first time in 1983 on the album Milton Nascimento Liveit is the high point of the EP.

Traditional composition, with its origin in the folklore of the Pantanal of Mato Grosso do Sul, Cuitelinho it is the ultimate proof that a good song can always be improved. Bituca and Wilson Lopes show themselves to be unbeatable. Is listening to non-stop.

So when I came from my land
Said goodbye to the parentaia
I got in Mato Grosso
I gave in the lands of the paraguayan
There had revolution
I faced a strong bataia, ai, ai, ai

Your longing cuts
As steel navaia
The heart becomes troubled
Beats one, the other beech
Oio fills with water
That up to the view if atrapaia, ai, ai, ai

Song of America — As well as Mary, Mary, Song of America it is one of the hallmarks of Milton Nascimento. The partnership with Fernando Brant, immortalized in the disk Sentinel (1980), it gains new life.

The backings of Milton (in replacement to the originals of the Mouth Free) are gorgeous. A great way to end The Party.

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