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The book reveals for the feast that marked the end of an Era Cabral

The work of the journalist, Silvio Barsetti, it is a reading environment, and provides details of frightening the party, which marked the beginning of the end of the dynasty, in Rio de Janeiro

Definitely, the Culture is not restricted to the areas which are commonly agreed by the majority of the people in music, film, theatre, poetry, prose, novel, etc. A good search can produce a work that counts, even if it is about politics or something like that.

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With the Surge of the cocktail Napkin, The last dance it Was Cabralit is a book engaging, and at the same time it's scary. The journalist Silvio Barsetti found the detail that you leave any reader open-mouthed, especially in the lead up to an election.

Out of the 150 pages of text that can be eaten in a few hours and show times, which may not be repeated. It does not matter what the bias of the electorate, it is their responsibility to avoid having a déja-vu.

The River was in Paris

For those of you who haven't connected the dots, The Party of the Napkin it was the name of the party, which was promoted by Sergio Cabral Filho, governor of Rio de Janeiro, held in the mansion house in the Avenue des Champs-Elysées in Paris in 2009.

The the gravy train sponsored by Cabral & Cia. is part minunciosamente. The guests, the meal, the conversations, the advisors who has helped in the preparation of the event, and even those who were in charge of covering up everything, you see.

After all, you know that you have been spending$ 1.5 million to the party and have drunk 300 bottles of wine and sparkling wine (French, of course), they are just as important as knowing who you drank from it.

The enemy is dangerous

Today, it's easy to remember that this holiday was one of the triggers for the arrest of the former governor, and several of its employees, but it will be for people to remember those who lit the wick of it all?

Believe me when I say it was the ex-governor and ex-ally, Anthony, Boy, figure it to be controversial.

It's been three years between the party and the announcement of the first photo, but, as they say, revenge is a dish that is eaten cold.

The inside of the hall

Probably the two greatest strengths of the book is to have a narrative that puts the reader almost inside the hall where the feast was held, and don't be swayed by the temptation to talk about the many shenanigans of the gang.

As important as it is to learn the ins and outs of the behind-the-scenes film of the saga, Star wars, or reading the biography of one of the biggest stars of the rock music, it's how the story happened and what can I do to prevent it happening again.

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With the Surge of the cocktail Napkin, The last dance it Was Cabral
Author: Silvio Barsetti
Publisher: book Machine
Number of pages: 176
Price: R$ 39,90