Spotify launches the show with McCartney's on the other side of the room

McCartney launches a concert recorded in studio 2 at Abbey Road, although the display in the Cavern Club, and a clip of a song from the new album

In the news

Paul McCartney and timand they are really working hard to get to Town Stationreleased on the 7th of September, a success.

A few times in the last few decades, Macca has been so often in the news. They are interviewing for magazinenewspapers, Q&A on Twitter and a lot of other actions. In the effort to bring Paul back to the top of the charts in contrast with the action from their record label in Brazil, where you don't know when there will be a physical release of the disc.

After several promotional activities are successful — and the exciting Carpool Karaoke (they've had millions of views and earned an extended version); the interview with his old school in Liverpool; and the secret show at Grand Central Stationin new york.

Now Paul the Spotify release The Under-the-Staircasethe presentation The 150-guests in the studio 2 from the other side of the room.

New Fuh You

Just a few days before the release of the The Under-the-StaircaseSir Paul have released the official video for the song Fuh Youone of the singles Town Station.

The script can be capenga, but the pictures are cute.

The Cavern Club

Paul was in Liverpool, and opened for some of the lucky ones, a concert by a surprise The Cavern Clubwhere Helps began to lenda.

There is still no date for the release of the video, but there is no doubt that you are not going to take a long time to happen.

Under the stairs

Recorded in the July 23,even the day on which it came to cross the pedestrian crossings and to gain space in the news all over the world, and the show was written by Spotifyin a unique partnership.

Written under the supervision of the Giles Martinthe son of a 5 beatland Sir George Martin, The Under-the-Staircase this is a unique opportunity for those who have never had the opportunity to go into the studio and listen to the stories of the Sir Paul McCartney.

If you're not one of those who have already attended dozens of shows for the former beatle's (in Brazil and mainly abroad), don't worry about it. He is always on guard of any the novelty to tell you.

All of the songs

There are 17 songs, 34 video clips (music and stories). Among the songs are the following:

• A Hard Day's Night
• Love Me Do
• Drive My Car
• Got To Get You Into My Life
• We Can Work It Out
• I've Just Seen A Face
• "Lady Madonna"
• The beatles ' Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band/Helter Skelter
• Nineteen Hundred And Eighty Five
• In My Games!
• Fuh You
• Come On To Me
• I've Got a Feeling
• One After 909
• Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
• Back In The U. S. A.
• Birthday

To attend the concert, you can click on the Spotify and browse for the playlist that is created for the event (link here).

Enjoy it!

Uthe ma version of this article was published in the Revista Ambrosia.