The two songs in the extras of the new Paul McCartney

Get Started and Nothing for Free can be found, until now, in versions of Egypt Station sold at Target (USA), HMV (England) and in the japanese edition, SHM-CD)

As is always the case with releases from Paul McCartney since...a long time, the albums are offered in a wide variety of formats.

Would be no different with Egypt Station (read the critique here) that, in addition to the normal version on CD and vinyl, also has a double version (vinyl), can also be found in unique versions of the shops Target (United states), and HMV (England), in addition to the japanese edition, which by law must always have something extra.

Only for fans

In this case, the differential are two songs and extras: Get Started and Nothing is Free (listen to the two at the end of the post). Usually the songs that McCartney chooses to side B and as the extra tracks are quite good. Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Neither of the two recordings adds nothing to the album and are recommended only for fans completistas.

But this is just my opinion. Take your.

Get Started

Nothing is Free

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  1. I liked the two songs from the new cd of Paul Mccartney. I am a super fan.Sorry not to be able to download these tracks, I think that only by buying the cd!!! valeria

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