The two songs in the extras on the new Paul McCartney

To Get Started, and Nothing is Free, they can be found, up to now, in Egypt, the Station sold at Target (US), HMV (England) and in the japanese edition in SHM-CD)

As is always the case with releases from Paul McCartney since...a very long time, and the album is offered in a variety of formats.

It would not be different Town Station (please read the criticism here), which, in addition to the regular CD and vinyl, it also has a double version (for vinyl), and can also be found in versions that are exclusive to the stores The Target (United states) RELEASED (The united kingdom), as well as wireless lan driver and applicationwhich, by the law, you always need to have a little something extra.

Just for the fans

In this case, the difference is a couple of songs for the extras: To Get Started and Nothing is for Free (listen to both at the end of the post). Usually, the songs that Musicians chose to side B and as the extra tracks are pretty good. Unfortunately, this is not the case at all.

Neither of the two recordings, it adds nothing to the album, and is recommended only for fans of the most completistas.

But that's just my opinion. A: you can do your own.

To Get Started

Nothing is for Free